Unvaccinated oppose Covid Safe Ticket, vaccinated want targeted use

As far as the regions in the country are concerned, vaccinated Brussels residents appear to be stronger supporters of the use of the Covid Safe Ticket than vaccinated Flemings and Walloons. In Flanders and Wallonia there is a lot less support, certainly in education and the professional field.

The researchers advise policy makers to frame the Covid Safe Ticket as a “necessary tool to ensure the safety of the population and the proper functioning of the healthcare sector” and not as “a tool to give freedom”. That is why the researchers think it is a good idea to link the use of the Covid Safe Ticket to the corona figures. This emphasizes the temporary nature of its use.

Finally, the researchers consider it expedient to only use the Covid Safe Ticket in places where it is considered legitimate and where monitoring is part of routine tasks, such as events and nightlife.

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