“Unworthy, vomiting, inhumane”, shame Kasia Smutniak: virulent insults against Meloni on social media

By the light of the nose what has arrived via social and Kasia Smutniak is the most serious and unacceptable anthology of insults of all. The actress, former partner of Pietro Taricone, usually linked to a calm image, of a young woman shy and easy to embarrass – to the limit of embarrassment – this time he pulls out his claws and forked tongue and puts his hand to the computer keyboard he throws himself into a series of outrageous offenses that ooze poison and bile. An interminable sequence of grim adjectives that we are ashamed (for her) even to report in writing. But that the protagonist of Ozpetek’s films had no qualms about ringing, accompanying the fierce caption with the video of a part of Giorgia Meloni’s intervention in Marbella, from the Vox stage. Images, contents and words of that participation, as known at the center of an operation by political looting that go beyond the limits of the allowed …

From Kasia Smutniak an anthology of insults and shameful offenses against Giorgia Meloni

To the long list of abominable accusers e haters who threw themselves into the fray of the lynching started a minute after the electoral results of the administrative elections, which crowned Meloni as the absolute winner and driving force of the center-right. Numbers and results of the polls that have evidently made opponents or enemies of the opposing front mad with rage, ready to improvise commentators and inveterate detractors, up to brutal scarring. In a word, bitter haters and unscrupulous moral. Ethical decency. Basic education. Self-proclaimed loners and staunch defenders of politically correct, who however rage, without roof or law, against a political exponent, insulting him as such. Offending her as a woman and if it serves the defamatory cause, even as a mother. With all due respect to the dictates of feminists and supporters of equal opportunities, ready to wave the banners of law and respect, but only in favor of their reference groups (LGBT and company).

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“Unworthy, repulsive, inhuman”: here are some of the unrepeatable adjectives used against Meloni

And so there she is, the “defenseless” Smutniak. The trembling Kasia. The shy and distressed actress according to the image she has sewn on herself in these years of cinema, ready to go down to the digital agora via Instagram and shoot at zero elevation against Giorgia Meloni. Posting in support of an extract from Meloni’s intervention in Spain, a caption that reads (shamefully): “The lower the thoughts are, vulgar, inadequate, not up to par, sad, morbid, unhappy, lacking in elegance, love, common sense, unworthy, unjust, bitter, acidic, vomiting, small, useless, stupid, idiotic, dangerous, malformed, kitchy, faded, inaccurate, wrong, full of hate, INHUMAN, the more the person who expresses them becomes … vulgar, inadequate, not up to par, sad, morbid, unhappy, lacking in elegance, loving, common sense, unworthy, unjust, harsh, sour, vomiting, small, useless, stupid, idiotic, kitsch, faded, inexact, wrong, full of hate, inhuman. Dear @giorgiameloni, what a bad to see #happypridemonthbitches! And fuck this shit. * sorry, my vein has started ».

Kasia Smutniak against Meloni: a repeating shame

A little too much, even for one hater professional, let alone for an actress who has made secrecy and the low profile an alleged way of life. Really too much. As if the ravings of the Quartapelle, Head of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic Party, who accused the FdI leader of being part of a right-wing international that would take money from Russia. As if the delusions – complete with animalistic insults – were not already enough academic. Grillini opponents. Skip-the-line reporters. And even women and activists, they unloaded them in clockwork, as they began to glimpse the long run to success of the Brothers of Italy and the widespread affirmation of the leadership of the woman who is at the helm.

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The havoc in progress against Meloni to which the opponents do not “forgive” the political success

A success consistently certified by surveys. And definitively ratified in recent days by the verdict of the elections for the administrative elections. Bloody offenses that animate a social lynching and a massacre now more and more pressing. It is directly proportional to the growth of personal feedback and of the party that Meloni governs. A shame that continues to repeat itself in the deafening silence of lone dems and feminist activists, unusually silent. Also today.

Below, the video that the actress posted on Instagram