Up Close – Why was Orlando Jorge Mera killed? a terrifying answer

The death of Orlando Jorge Mera surprised me. It overwhelmed my desire for lunch and slammed me into a wall of questions. Upon hearing the sad news, like many Dominicans, my mind wandered among some assumptions of probable causes, not reasons, because there is no justification to support the action of taking a person’s life.

Until that tragic episode, the Minister of the Environment, according to those who had the opportunity to maintain a close relationship, was a man faithful to his principles, familiar, affable and committed to the role of public servant he performed. He was someone who truly loved life.

His friendly and empathetic personality contributed to making access to him easy, without analyzing that this gift of being human, which also represented a political strength, it was a vulnerable point for his personal security.

How sad!

Without ever having interacted with him, sadness enveloped me. It was difficult to identify what was more heartbreaking, if the images that were made public of the event or knowing that the person who committed it was not a stranger, it was his childhood “friend”.

“Friend” a word that involves a deep meaning and of which few are worthy. The narrative of the event seems like a horror series, sadly, it is reality. cold and calculatinga Listín Diario headline highlights that the killer fired 13 times, six of the shots hit the officer’s body.

Without a doubt, one of the most painful betrayals is that of friends, because they are people in whom we have placed all our trust and they take advantage of it to harm us. Imagine then, for Orlando’s family and from whom he took his life, what This misfortune must hurt when they have lived so many moments together.


It is frustrating to know that, according to the file against the person responsible, he presented himself to the Ministry of the Environment with the intention of taking Jorge Mera’s life because there was no approved a series of environmental permits for the Import of used batteries. a terrifying information

That authorization, illegal by others, symbolized for the murderer the price of his friendship, of his loyalty, of years sharing and watching his children grow up.

The forgiveness

The solemn military honors as the coffin was carried to its final resting place. The sound of trumpets and drums, the emotional speeches of his children and his sister Dilia. The images of the farewell kisses of his wife and his loved ones, They break the strongest heart.

Know what Orlando Jorge Mera’s family forgive his murderer, It’s a lot to process in such a short time. It is a Christian family and aware of the benefits of harboring God in the heart. I don’t judge your decision. To forgive is to give another chance to those who have done wrong. It is offering you the possibility to change. It is freeing yourself from a burden that is difficult to bear. The question is: Will Cruz know how to value that forgiveness when he didn’t know how to value a friendship?

See you Monday!