Up to 100 pounds .. Fees for entering cases in mental health hospitals

The Ministry of Health and Population issued a decision setting fees for entering cases in mental health hospitals at 100 pounds for each case, according to Ministerial Law No. 567 of 2020, regarding amending some provisions of Ministerial Resolution No. 351 of the year.

The Official Gazette published the text of the law, which came as follows:

To replace the text of Article 2 of Ministerial Resolution No. 351 of 2012, the following text: “An entry fee shall be collected for mental health facilities stipulated in the aforementioned Psychiatric Patient Care Law, at a rate of 100 pounds per case.”

The text of the old non-governmental mental health hospital fee decision was only on the condition that the patient’s stay in the hospital exceeded one week, and the old text exempted from paying this fee charitable establishments or that provide service for free to patients without any charge.


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