Up to five years in prison for taking photos under the skirt in Hong Kong – Diario de Querétaro

Those who take non-consensual photos under a woman’s skirt face up to five years in prison in Hong Kong, under a law passed Thursday to combat voyeurism.

The southern Chinese city is the latest jurisdiction to adopt laws banning photos from under the skirt of an unsuspecting woman, at a time when the proliferation of cameras on mobile phones has caused an explosion of such images on the internet. .

Hong Kong lawmakers strengthened criminal law on sexual violence with images by including voyeurism (recording people in intimate acts when they want privacy) and the recording or publication of images of someone else’s private parts.

This last offense includes the photos below the skirt.

The law applies only to images taken “dishonestly” or used “for sexual purposes.”

Several groups of activists welcomed the new regulations.

“We believe the new offenses will help the public and law enforcement officials understand the irreversible harm caused by sexual violence with pictures,” said Linda SY Wong of the Association for Sexual Violence Against Women.

An increasing number of countries are banning these types of images, such as Australia, New Zealand, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Women’s rights groups have warned that some parts of Asia face an epidemic of digital sex crimes, such as the use of spy cameras and revenge pornography, and their laws do not adequately punish offenders.

South Korea is in the spotlight after several women committed suicide after their intimate images were disclosed online.


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