Ana Uzcátegui | THE PRESS OF LARA.- Between three and four dollars the liter of broken gasoline in Barquisimeto as a result of the severe shortage of gasoline. Drivers who get to pass up to more than 15 days in queue, indicated the price of fuel on the black market in July, a few weeks after the government set a new price of five thousand bolivars per liter in the subsidized market and 50 cents in the dollarized gas stations, went from cost 1.5 dollars a liter to four dollars in recent weeks.

Hernán Mendoza, merchant, had to buy four liters of gasoline to be able to move his vehicle from the pump on Avenida Venezuela with Calle 42 to his home in the center of the city, after having more than nine days in line with no hope that Pdvsa They will send a cistern. “It is the most expensive gasoline in the world, in the United States a gallon of gasoline, which is more than three liters, is worth three dollars, but in Venezuela it triples its price,” he said.

“The bachaqueros carry a uniform that says ‘We are the People’s Guards’. It is the military officials themselves who have control of the gasoline and shamelessly resell it,” denounced Pablo Torres, while waiting at a pump in western Barquisimeto. He commented that in seasons of severe scarcity they have come to sell the liter of broken gasoline in four dollars. “The government reports daily a schedule of the service stations that are in the PDVSA programming to be filled, but less than 20% of those pumps actually get gasoline, “he claimed.

Carmén Puerta said that she prefers not be an accomplice of bachaqueo that according to her encourage military officials or some service station workers. “I have been in line for two weeks, waiting for the gasoline to arrive, I am number 35. I have had to sleep in the open, risking in the street because of the insecurity that exists, but I prefer to do this than pay the gasoline very expensive to the officials who what they are doing is bleeding the people, “he commented.

“It is not true what Nicolás Maduro said on October 28, that Venezuela is producing 30% more gasoline of what the country consumes. The reality is that all refineries are paralyzed. Cardón and El Palito produce spasmodically for a few days and then stop. Amuay tried to start it and there was an explosion, and there is no precision of the amount of gasoline that arrived from Iran, “he told LA PRENSA, José Toro Hardy, former director of PDVSA.


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