Upcoming Concerts: Ásgeir, Crawlers, 7 Weeks, and Paris Paloma

New concert announcements! Ásgeir, Crawlers, 7 Weeks et Paris Paloma will be visiting us soon. Where and when ? The answer is here !

25/11/2023 – Ásgeir @ ​​Le Trabendo

“In 2014 and at only 20 years old, Ásgeir released In The Silence and became the first Icelander to achieve such success for a debut album. Composed of 10 titles, this project takes up a folk drawn from the depths of the soul and supported by lyrics thought up by his father. After having scoured the stages of the whole world, Ásgeir returns thereafter with a change of artistic direction for his album Afterglow. Everything is more soulful, more R&B, there are even gospel influences. The shadows of Bon Iver, James Blake and Anohni are omnipresent there… Able to play on almost all fronts and on the eve of celebrating his 10-year career, the Icelander has never stopped pushing his own limits without might as well never give up on his beloved pop-folk. With his latest album Time On My Hands, Ásgeir delivers the reflections of a mature artist who has seen the passage of time, from the international stages to the Hljóðrit studio, where he has always written, composed and recorded. Acoustic layers and electronic impulses merge, leaving a euphoric but introspective voice to take the place it deserves. »

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09/29/2023 – Crawlers @ Le Point Ephémère

“Alternative rock band Crawlers are synonymous with eclectic music that combines grunge, rock, pop and indie into a sound full of attitude and socially conscious lyrics. Their debut EP – released on Modern Sky/Lab Records in October – garnered over 40 million streams and spawned their first hit with Come Over (Again), which rose to the UK charts thanks to the power fans. To date, the title has recorded more than 35 million streams on Spotify and 1.7 million views on YouTube. Subsequently, their single I Can’t Drive received rave reviews in the press (The Times, NME, DIY, CLASH, Dork, Kerrang…). In 2023, Crawlers come back stronger than ever with That Time of Year Always and Messiah and sign a new era of addictive rock revolt. Crawlers is back in Paris for a concert at Point Ephémère on September 29, 2023.

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03/29/2024 – 7 Weeks @ La Maroquinerie

“7 Weeks is a rock band that explores, their sound research does not bother with codes and fashions. Their new album Fade into Blurred Lines (release date October 13, 2023) is an album about the broken faces and the left behind. It’s the most personal album from a band that has nothing to lose and everything to express. With proven songwriting, 7 Weeks has been delivering adventurous records since 2009 and writing organic tracks with singular orchestrations. The band are their own self-funded producer of 6 albums and 2 Eps which have taken them all over Europe and the UK. »

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15/09/2023 – Paris Paloma @ Supersonic Records

“Paris Paloma channels the experience of femininity in her writing, speaking of the female experience, grief, love, death and power. His compositions read like poetry, drawing inspiration from figures from mythology, art history and the romantics. Ranging from tender and heartbreaking to sublimely aggressive and vengeful. Her ethereal music draws influences from pop, folk and indie genres, creating a magical discography that evokes something primal and innately feminine. Paris Paloma will perform to French audiences on September 15 at Supersonic Records in Paris. »

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Published on 06/10/2023

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