upcoming update for macro mode

The new ultra wide-angle on board the iPhone 13 Pro makes it possible to set up a macro mode for taking photos and videos. Automatic, it is activated when the subject is less than 14 centimeters from the sensor and it is possible to approach up to 2 centimeters only.

In its test of the iPhone 13 Pro, the Input site was particularly critical of the automatic aspect of this feature: it is not possible to deactivate the automatic switch to macro mode, which is triggered even when it is is the wide-angle that is used. The iPhone can thus switch from wide-angle to ultra-wide-angle without warning, which can be particularly confusing and even make you think of a bug since the interface does not change in function. It can also be very annoying when this mode is triggered inappropriately in the middle of a video.

When contacted about this, Apple admitted that this automatic behavior could be a problem and promised an update for the iPhone 13 Pro: “A new setting will be added with a software update this fall to disable automatic camera switching when shooting close-up in photography and macro video. “ If you are one of the first customers of the iPhone 13 Pro and you are embarrassed by this automatic macro mode, then know that it will soon be possible to deactivate it.

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