Update Dufan 2022 Entrance Ticket All – Dufan or Dunia Fantasi is a tourist spot in the Ancol Dreamland Park area, North Jakarta, Indonesia.

Dufan is one of the mainstay tourist destinations for families, especially on weekends or national holidays.

For people who want to play in Dufan or other tourism objects in the Ancol Dreamland Park area, they must buy tickets online online maximum H-1 visit.

The reason is, now Dufan tickets and Ancol tickets can no longer be purchased directly on the spot.

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So, how much does Dufan’s entrance ticket cost?

In order to enjoy various rides in Dunia Fantasi, visitors need to spend money for vehicle entrance tickets and Dufan entrance tickets.

The following are the details of Dufan ticket prices, quoted from the official Ancol website:

1. Vehicle ticket

  • Motorcycle: IDR 15,000
  • Car: IDR 25,000

2. Regular ticket


  • Dufan + Ancol: IDR 275,000
  • Dufan + Ancol + Samudra: IDR 310,000
  • Dufan + Ancol + Gondola: IDR 313,000


  • Dufan + Ancol: IDR 275,000
  • Dufan + Ancol + Samudra: IDR 315,000
  • Dufan + Ancol + Gondola: IDR 317,000

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Shutterstock/Frans Delian Fantasy World (Dufan), Ancol Dreamland, Jakarta DOK. Shutterstock/Frans Delian

3. Annual Pass

The Dufan Annual Pass is a special card that allows visitors to play for free for one year at Dufan tourist attractions.

Not only that, visitors with the Annual Pass are also given a special queue line and are free from the long queues of Dufan rides.

The following are the prices for the Dufan Annual Pass, both on weekdays and weekends:

  • Annual pass Dufan (Ecard) + 1 time regular visit to Ancol: IDR 625,000
  • Six months pass Dufan (Ecard) + 1 time regular visit to Ancol: IDR 350,000
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How to buy Dufan tickets

Reported from Kompas.comHere’s how to buy Dufan entrance tickets:

  • Go to the site
  • Choose a tourist spot Dufan (Fantasy World).
  • Select a ticket to purchase.
  • Select a visit date.
  • Buy tickets according to the listed prices (vehicle tickets and people tickets must be purchased).
  • Fill in your personal data.
  • After filling in your personal data, you will proceed to the payment system.
  • After paying, e-ticket will be sent to the buyer’s e-mail.

Before buying tickets, visitors need to pay attention to the following:

  • Vehicle ticket for the vehicle used, excluding people.
  • Entrance tickets for visitors are purchased according to the number of people who enter Dufan and do not include vehicle tickets.
  • Tickets must be used on the selected date.
  • Visitors must be vaccinated against Covid-19 with the following conditions:
    • Adults: first and second complete doses.
    • Children aged 6-12 years: must show proof of vaccine at least the first dose.
    • Required scan CareProtect and only visitors with the Green category can enter.

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As the name suggests, visitors will be presented with a fantasy around the world through rides that are divided into nine areas.

These areas are Indonesia, Jakarta, Asia, Europe, America, Greece, Hikayat, Kalila, and Fantasy Light.

Meanwhile, there are at least 32 rides that visitors can enjoy while playing in Fantasy World, including Lightning, Puppet Palace, Kora-kora, Leaning House, Tornado, and Rafting.

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Visitors who want to play all day also don’t need to worry because Dufan’s public facilities are quite adequate.

Dufan provides free Wifi, a place to charge cellphones, clean toilets in every ride and area, baby care roommosques, first aid kits, and free loans stroller babies and wheelchairs.

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