Update for Hue app with deeper Spotify integration – HomeKits.de

Philips has given its Hue app an update, with which, among other things, the deeper integration of Spotify is delivered.

The latest update for the Hue-App ready for download. This includes the deeper integration of Spotify announced a few weeks ago. Thanks to this, it is possible to connect your Philips Hue and Spotify accounts with each other and control the lights to match the music. And more precisely than was otherwise possible using the iPhone’s microphone.

At Philips it says: “Philips Hue and Spotify have teamed up to go way beyond what other integrations have been able to do so far. The experience is made possible via the Philips Hue app itself: With Philips Hue Spotify, the Hue app analyzes the metadata for every Spotify song in real time. The result is a light script that not only reflects the beat of the song, but also its mood, genre, tempo, segments, volume, pitch, and more.

In addition, Philips and Signify have also worked on the following improvements and optimizations of the app:

  • We have enabled dynamic transitions for all color scenes, regardless of whether they were selected from the Hue scene gallery, adjusted by you or created from a photo. Set a scene, then tap the play button on the scene card to slowly cycle your lights through the colors of the scene. The speed of the transitions is subtle, but the speed controls will come in a future update.
  • You can now select individual lights when creating an automation in the Automations tab, giving you more flexibility than ever to use your lights. Note that when you select individual lights, you can only set the standard light recipes.
  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements

the Philips Hue-App and the update are available for download free of charge from the AppStore, as always.