Update for ReactOS: Open Source Windows launches Windows 10 apps

Update for ReactOS: Open Source Windows launches Windows 10 apps

The developers of the free operating system ReactOS have set themselves the goal of achieving the most perfect compatibility with the kernel of Windows NT. This would make it possible to run any Windows software on the alternate OS. Currently, the operating system, which is neither Windows nor Linux or macOS, is under development. You can already do some software on the system. This includes well-known software titles, games and drivers that were developed natively for Windows. With Version 0.4.8 numerous bugs have been fixed, the system surface has been further optimized and the stability of the kernel has been improved. Thanks to the latter change, the system now requires less RAM to boot than the previous version. In addition, the developers introduce the compatibility with NT6 + from this version. This will make software that was written for Windows Vista, 8 or 10 finally compatible. So far, however, this project is still in its infancy and must therefore be regarded as experimental. Also new: The hardware support has also been improved and also the reading and editing of NTFS partitions is now possible thanks to a complete revision of the corresponding driver. Writing to NTFS sectors is off by default, but can be enabled in the system registry for testing purposes.

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