Update Google Maps: a feature to report speed cameras?


After an official Google announcement on the next version of its Maps tool, the Android Police site may have discovered a little more about the future features of the service – including the ability to report incidents to, among other things, report radars. Although most of the functionalities presented below are official and have been published by Google, this is not the case with the one on incident reports. It is therefore recalled for all intents and purposes that the Mountain View company may at any time decide to modify or remove features appearing in the APK searched by Android Police. Incident reports (and radars) like on Waze
Among the many qualities of the Waze GPS mobile navigation app is the ability to create incident reports to alert other app users of potential problems they may encounter on their way. This feature would now also be available on Google Maps. It would make it possible to create 3 types of incidents for the moment: the fixed radars, the mobile radars and the accidents. So many incidents whose presentation will probably offer little text to read so as not to deconcentrate motorists who will monitor the application of a distracted eye while driving. Restaurant notification according to the user’s tastes
In addition to the hypothetical incident reporting system, the great novelty of this release is the implementation of personalized notes for restaurants on Google Maps. Thus, just to the right of the average rating left by all users who visited the place, will now appear a second rating, fully customized, which will be based on everything that Google knows of the user’s tastes. It will also now be possible to indicate preferences on the application, to explain to Google that we prefer a certain type of food or drink. With each new preference established and each new rating made, Google Maps will update the user’s data to make new suggestions. The app’s settings will also allow access to these preferences as well as a list of all places visited or noted in the past. A “vote” function for outings with friends
A new group planning tool will be introduced, including a “vote” feature so that members of a group planning to go out together can all express themselves about where they want to go. Suggestions for events nearby
Another novelty, Google Maps will now be able to compile a list of events in the region of each of its users via an “Explorer” tab completely redesigned for the occasion and adorned with a filtering system of proposed events. The Android Police team has so far identified only a few possible filters: newly opened places, favorite places, trendy places and the most frequented by users of the application. What to do a lot of discoveries. Personalized suggestions: “For you”
Finally, the implementation of a tab called “For you” on the US version of the application will act as personalized suggestions and can offer all kinds of outputs based on the personal taste of the user. The tab will also, and this is the most interesting point, to “follow” places of his choice in the manner of a Twitter or Instagram account. It will be possible to access news on the places followed, such as news articles or the latest news about them. Modified on 14/06/2018 at 16h48


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