UPDATE: In total there are 76,981 cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia, adding 1,282 pages all

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Government Spokesman Achmad Yurianto again delivered the latest information regarding the number of cases and data from Covid-19 patients.

According to Yurianto, transmission still occurs in the community, which causes the Covid-19 case in Indonesia to continue to grow.

This statement was delivered by Yurianto in a press conference from Graha BNPB in Jakarta on Monday (07/13/2020) afternoon.

Based on government data as of Monday at 12.00 West Indonesia Time, there are 1,282 new Covid-19 cases in the past 24 hours.

The addition has led to an accumulation of 76,981 cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia, starting from the first case announced on March 2, 2020.

“We get positive confirmed cases of 1,282 people, bringing the total to 76,981 people,” Yurianto said.

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A total of 1,282 new cases were obtained from examinations of 13,100 specimens of 9,062 people who were sampled. This means that one person can be sampled more than once.

Examination of the specimen this time is somewhat less than usual, which has reached more than 20,000 specimens.

Meanwhile, a total of 1,074,467 specimens have been examined against 630,149 people examined.

In terms of distribution, DKI Jakarta and East Java again recorded a high number of daily additions.

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DKI Jakarta recorded 281 new cases, while East Java recorded 219 additional patients.

Then, South Sulawesi with 124 new cases, Central Java with 100 new cases, and Papua with 98 new cases.

Illustration of corona virus, Covid-19, corona virus patientShutterstock/Anton27 Illustration of corona virus, Covid-19, corona virus patient

Patient recovered and died data

Based on data in the same period, it was found that there were 1,051 additional Covid-19 patients recovering.

The patients were declared cured after examination by the method polymerase chain reaction (PCR) shows negative corona virus results.

Thus, a total of 36,689 patients are now considered cured of Covid-19 and are no longer infected with the corona virus.

However, Yurianto still conveyed the sad news with the addition of patients who died after suffering from Covid-19.

There were 50 Covid-19 patients who died in the period 12 – 13 July 2020.

“So that the total is 3,656 people,” Yurianto said.

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OPD and PDP data

The Covid-19 case has now been recorded in 34 provinces or all provinces in Indonesia.

In more detail, there are 461 districts / cities that have been affected by corona virus transmission.

The number has increased by one region compared to data yesterday submitted by the government.

In addition, Yurianto also said that there were 33,504 people with monitoring status or ODP.

Then, there were 13,439 people who were under surveillance or PDP.


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