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Update is coming soon, video shows new feature

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The next big update for Oculus Quest is in the starting blocks. On Facebook, Zuckerberg shows a new feature of the update and has good news for users of Quest 1.

The last Quest update with version number 29.0 rolled out on May 17th and brought among other things a file manager, a new universal menu, smartphone notifications and 120 Hertz support for Air Link. Since Facebook has been bringing out a quest update every month since the beginning of the year and we already have it in mid-June, Update 30.0 shouldn’t be long in coming.

Multitasking in Virtual Reality

It is already known that the update will bring a larger play area for Oculus Quest: Instead of 10 by 10 meters, there are now 15 by 15 meters, which corresponds to a maximum Guardian play area of 225 square meters corresponds to.

Zuckerberg teased another new feature of the upcoming update on Facebook: multitasking. In the video you can see the Facebook founder opening and operating three windows of the new universal menu at the same time. So far, only the Oculus browser supported multitasking.

Air Link is coming to Oculus Quest 1

According to Zuckerberg, the new feature is part of Facebook’s Infinite Office vision, i.e. a VR workstation made possible with Oculus Quest, which projects virtual monitors into the environment and allows working with a mouse and keyboard.

Facebook wants new application scenarios with Oculus Quest apart from gaming establish. Fitness is one of them, work is another. According to Carmack, VR glasses will one day be able to replace a tablet or Chromebook. Zuckerberg writes that Update 30.0 is coming “soon”.

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In the comments section, the CEO also confirmed that Air Link (test) is coming for the first quest, but left it open as to whether this will happen with Update 30.0. Facebook’s official PC VR streaming solution currently only supports Oculus Quest 2 (test).

Air Link streams at the same level as Virtual Desktop, but is free and works with all VR apps out of the box. Virtual Desktop offers additional features such as the possibility of simulating a virtual home theater for 3D films and non-VR games. More information can be found in our PC VR streaming guide.

Source and cover picture: Facebook

Read more about Oculus Quest 2:

Order Oculus Quest 2 from Germany

Oculus Quest 2 will not be sold in Germany for the time being. It is not known how long this sales ban will last.

At Amazon France you can buy the Oculus Quest 2 normally. tip: Right click on the website and select “Translate”.

Oculus Quest – 64GB | Oculus Quest – 256GB

Note: You can order from Amazon France using your German account. The VR glasses support German language in the menus. A regional block on the part of Facebook is currently not active – Quest 2 works as normal. Amazon France delivers within a few days, and some of the devices are even shipped from warehouses in Germany.


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