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Ikea definitely goes further with its Tradfri range than just offering a lighting control system, as is currently the case. In August, it was already known that probably from the beginning of 2019 a smart socket for about 10 € comes into the shops. Now Ikea also confirms the smart roller blind. In February, KADRILJ and FYRTUR are expected to hit the market and differ in terms of translucency.

The blinds plans became known recently through a tweet, This already shows first product samples and information. iphone-ticker.de Further details are available on the planned controller with the product code E1766. At the same time, new on / off switches with product number E1743 are also expected to hit the market.

Opposite the norwegian website tek.no In the meantime, Ikea has confirmed that it will open its doors to Norway in February 2019. Interestingly, this is an interior venetian blind, not the control of roller shutters, as offered by other smart home systems. With the interior blinds even households that do not have shutters can reach the smart darkening of their home. The control can be done via app or via voice over Alexa, Apple Homekit or Google Home. A price and exact information about the market launch for Germany does not exist yet.

Ikea smart blind

Now further details on the smart Ikea blinds became known. Opposite the consumer portal experts test Ikea has confirmed that smart blinds will also be available in Germany in February. In addition, Ikea will bring more details to light: there will be two smart indoor blinds. While KADRILJ is translucent, FYRTUR will be opaque. Both interior roller blinds should be controlled via Tradfri remote control or via the app. Who prefers the latter as a controller, can also move the shutters up and down while on the move.

In addition, it will be the According to consumer portal, give a so-called mood function. This ensures that the smart roller blinds slowly open at sunrise and close automatically at dusk. By hand, the blinds but probably not, because there are no cords. Advantage for users of roller blinds HOPPVALS and SKOGSKLÖVER: You can continue to use the retaining clips during the transition and leave the drill in the tool cabinet. The scope of delivery should include batteries, a charger and a bracket next to the KADRILJ or FYRTUR roller blind. There is currently no information available for the price.

On and off: The smart Tradfri outlet comes

The new Tradfri socket had recently been discovered in the digital system of the Swedish dealer Ikea, shortly afterwards also information about the market launch in Germany became known. It should be ready in April 2019. Opposite inside handy confirmed Ikea this date, but only partially. So the smart socket is expected to appear in the spring of 2019 in Germany. A more concrete date and further information on the device, the responsible people wanted to call at the present time, however, not yet.

New reports, however, say that the supplied remote control is used in the more expensive version for the wireless switching on and off of the socket and has a maximum range of 10 meters. The number of connectable devices should be ten, which can all be operated simultaneously.

Ikea's wireless sockets complete the Tradfri series

Now that smartphones and smartwatches are no longer indispensable in everyday life, it is smart or wireless household items that are on the rise. Besides manufacturers like Philips, Ikea also wants to get hold of a share in this comparatively new market – that is why the furnishing chain seems to want to increase its Tradfri product portfolio in the near future. Well-established smart home systems have long been offering control systems such as those for electric blinds.

Ikea Tradfri sockets

Source: Reddit

Ikea's Tradfri product portfolio

The Tradfri devices were first brought into the local shops in the first half of the year (2017). At the start, the portfolio almost exclusively comprised products that are directly or indirectly related to interior lighting. The wireless series includes LED lamps, light panels, light doors as well as Tradfri dimmers and motion detectors. The devices can be controlled via WLAN either via smartphone app or by remote control. This allows functions such as light colors or brightness to be adjusted. The lamps can be controlled by up to seven devices. In addition, among other things, an alarm clock function is available, which makes the light slowly brighter and should therefore ensure a gentle wake-up.

Last but not least, the smart lighting from Ikea can also be controlled via Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa after an update. Whether or not the new adapters will be serviceable via the third-party software mentioned above is not yet known, but quite likely.

Sources: Reddit, expert testing | Image source small image: obs / Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2015 | Author: Editorial inside mobile phone

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