Update the progress of the Lucy craft. With exploration missions Trojan asteroids

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Update the progress of the Lucy craft. With exploration missions Trojan asteroids

On May 3, Facebook Thai Astronomical Research Institute Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (EGO) has published articles. Update the progress of the Lucy craft. With exploration missions Trojan Asteroid Compiled: Mr. Teerayut Loylib – Astronomical Information Officer, Expert The Observatory in Commemoration of the 7th Anniversary of Songkhla as follows:

“Lucy” It is a probe to study the Trojan asteroids, a group of asteroids whose orbits overlap with the orbit of Jupiter. Which has never been sent to explore this group of asteroids before. This means that Lucy will be the first spacecraft to seriously explore and collect their data. After the project scientists revealed the mission plan and information for the science kit to be installed on the Lucy craft, it consists of four main tools:

1) Multi-spectral Visible Imaging Camera (MVIC) and Linear Etalon Imaging Spectral Array (LEISA) or L’Ralph take pictures of asteroids and send them to scientists to analyze information about the composition and quantity of the various elements on the ground. The surface of the target asteroid

2) The Long Range Reconnaissance Imager, or L’LORRI, is a high-resolution camera that shoots images in the wavelength range 0.35 – 0.85 microns.

3) Thermal Infrared Spectrometer or L’TES serves to measure the temperature of the asteroid and study the structure of the asteroid.

4) High-Gain Antenna Plate to receive radio signals. Contact with the control team And it can also be used to measure the mass of the target asteroid using the Doppler Shift principle (the same principle as when we hear the ambulance passing by. Due to change in frequency and wavelength)

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Latest Donya Douglas-Bradshaw The project manager has released a picture showing the progress of the project. Now almost all scientific equipment has been set up.

One of the ship’s intriguing devices is the L’TES, designed and developed by Arizona State University, and then shipped to Lockheed Martin Space, the company. US weather on December 13, 2020 and L’TES began to be assembled into the spacecraft. The primary function of the L’TES is to measure the infrared energy emitted from the surface of the Trojan asteroids. In the wavelength range 4 – 50 μm, the surface composition of the asteroid can be identified. The L’TES layout and installation are modeled on the scientific equipment of the OSIRIS-REx and Mars Global Surveyor, which measure and analyze the composition and structure of the target object. By measuring the temperature at infrared wavelengths

Although the world population is faced with the problem of the COVID-19 situation. The impact spreads to research projects and space exploration missions. But the project scientists insist that Lucy is following the plan in all respects. And the performance of all sectors is satisfactory And it is planned to send Lucy into space in October 2021.

Asteroids are known as the oldest objects in the solar system. If this project is successful It could bring new knowledge to explain how the early solar system changed. As well as the discovery of a 4 million-year-old fossil like Aunt Lucy, that has been filled up with the addition of an important piece of the jigsaw puzzle of the human family. And that’s where the name of the ship Lucy came from.

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