UPDATE: There are now 88,214 Covid-19 Cases in Indonesia, Increasing 1,693 Pages all

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Government Spokesperson for Covid-19 Handling Achmad Yurianto again submitted the latest information regarding the number of cases and data from Covid-19 patients.

According to Yurianto, transmission of the corona virus in the community is still causing the Covid-19 case in Indonesia to continue to grow.

Based on government data until Monday (7/20/2020) at 12.00 WIB, there are 1,693 new cases of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours.

The addition has caused 88,214 cases of Covid-19 in the country, as of the first patient announcement on March 2, 2020.

This statement was delivered by Achmad Yurianto in a press conference broadcast live from Graha BNPB on Monday afternoon.

“We got 1,693 Covid-19 case confirmations, bringing the total to 88,214 people,” Yurianto said.

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According to Yurianto, 1,693 new cases were discovered after examination of 14,027 specimens belonging to 13,250 people a day.

That way, in total the government has examined 1,235,545 specimens from 720,498 people sampled. With notes, one person can undergo specimen examination more than once.

In terms of distribution, data shows that there are five provinces that record more than 100 new cases a day.

Most in DKI Jakarta with 361 new cases. Then, Central Java recorded 354 new cases.

Next, there are East Java with 237 new cases, South Sulawesi with 125 new cases, and Gorontalo with 105 new cases.

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Patient recovered and died data

Based on the same data, according to Yuri, there were known to be 1,576 recovered Covid-19 patients.

They were declared cured after two examinations polymerase chain reaction showed negative corona virus results.

Thus, a total of 46,977 patients are now considered cured of Covid-19 and are no longer infected with the corona virus.

However, Yuri still delivered the sad news with the addition of Covid-19 patients who died.

In the period 19-20 July 2020, there were 96 known patients who died after being declared exposed to Covid-19.

“So, the total is 4,239 people,” said Yurianto.

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Suspicious data

Until now, Covid-19 cases have been recorded in all provinces or 34 provinces in Indonesia.

A total of 467 districts / cities from 34 provinces have been affected by the transmission of the corona virus.

The number increased by three districts / cities compared to yesterday’s data.

Then, the government also stated that currently there are 36,380 people with suspicion status.


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