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UPDATE: Woolsey Fire destroys Caitlyn Jenner's apartment, forces Kim Kardashian and other celebrities to evacuate

UPDATED 2:30 pm The Woolsey fire, raging in numerous Los Angeles communities and roaring in the upscale beach town of Malibu on Friday, has destroyed the house on the hill of Caitlyn Jenner, TMZ reports.

Jenner's house, which she opened to viewers of her reality TV show and overlooked Malibu beach, burned toward Malibu on Friday morning, just as the Woolsey Fire, which had also forced evictions in Hidden Hills and Calabasas has been.

Variety reports that other celebrities who have left home include Jenner's former stepdaughters Kim Kardashian, who lives with her husband Kanye West in Hidden Hills, and Kourtney Kardashian from Calabasas.

Kim Kardashian tweeted on Friday afternoon that flames hit her property. "But they are more reserved and have stopped at the moment." She added, "It does not seem like it's going to get any worse. I pray that the wind in our wind is pleasing. "

Everything in Malibu was ordered to vacate, as Woolsey Fire has grown to 14,000 acres, Variet added.

Among the residents Malibus, who are known to have fled their homes, include Rainn Wilson and Melissa Etheridge. Other stars with houses in Malibu are Ellen Pompeo, Cindy Crawford and Marcy Carsey.

Original story:

Kim Kardashian had to catch as much as possible in an hour and flee Thursday night for her runaway Woolsey Fire, which threatened her neighborhood in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

In a video posted on Instagram Story by the reality TV star, she revealed that she had just arrived on the Hidden Hills grounds, which she shares with her husband Kanye West, to find out she's been over for Woolsey's Feuers had to be evacuated.

Kim Kardashian Instagram story

"We just landed at home and had 1 hour to pack our home and evacuate. I pray everyone will be safe, "wrote the 38-year-old starman, keeping pace with the Kardashians.

It looks like she's not the only celebrity who fled the Woolsey Fire route, which destroyed many houses on his way, according to the Los Angeles Times, overnight.

The Associated Press reported Friday that the entire city of Malibu had been evacuated following the fire that broke Thursday afternoon in the Simi Valley, skipping Interstate 101 and yelling at the beach community.

A number of Hollywood stars live in Malibu, a city of about 13,000 inhabitants. Malibu is home to Barbra Streisand, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks, among others. There was not a word about whether they had been evacuated.

But the Los Angeles County Fire Department tweeted this warning: "Immediate threat!"

In a video from her private plane flying over the flames near her home and from her car, Kardashian said, "They are evacuating from all our homes right now."

The town of Calabasas near Hidden Hills also issued a voluntary evacuation order for areas south of Interstate 101. Kim Kardashian's sister Kourtney lives in Calabasas and has opted for the evacuation.

Kourtney Kardashian shared a photo on Instagram Story of her trunk, which was packed.

"I pray that everyone is protected and protected from these fires. No calabasas tonight, "Kourtney Kardashian has staged her photo.

Kourtney Kardashian Instagram story

By early Friday morning, the fire had grown to zero on 8,000 hectares, and several fire departments responded to the fight against the fire, reported. At least 30,000 people had to evacuate.

A second fire, known as the Hill Fire, was burning in Ventura County, Newbury Park, near Thousand Oaks, just miles from the scene of a deadly mass shooting that claimed 12 lives on Wednesday night.

This flame broke out on Thursday afternoon. It had grown to 8,000 to 10,000 hectares, closed Interstate 101 and threatened homes and forced evacuations, reported.


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