Reports of people hit by bus

A cyclist passing the busway spoke Cambridgeshire life She said she saw the body of a man lying on the railway.

She said: "I drove past the guided bus line, it just must have happened when I drove by at around 16:50, when it was still open to pedestrians and cyclists.
"It was just after the entrance of the university press on the bus.
"It was on the track, on the guided bus line.

"I could hear ambulances and I do not know if the ambulance was there, but I could see that the people in orange were in the field nearby.
"I do not know what happened, there was a lot of trouble on the gravel on the bus lane.
"It's not my way, but when I go to town, I go on this route fairly regularly.

"There were so many desperate and shocked people there must have been a lot of witnesses.
"While I was cycling, many people were on the way.

"It took a while for them to block the way because of children passing by, so they must have seen it."



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