Upgraded North Atlantic Edition Now: Focus on Entertainment

As a sequel to the popular fishing simulation game Fishing: Barents Sea, Fishing: North Atlantic is set off the coast of Nova Scotia, where the ocean is limitless and unpredictable and it swims with tuna, swordfish, and crawling crustaceans. You are invited to take on the role of captain as you are responsible for leading a crew of fellow fishermen eager to return to port with an abundance of fish, crabs and crabs.

This is one of the most dangerous professions in the world, where dangers spread across the oceans as much as riches. It is up to you to monitor GPS and sonar signals for fish habitats, avoid brutal storms when possible, and order the crew to launch depth buoys and crab pots at the appropriate times. So be sure to look closely at those maps, because this is as real as possible.

Check out the trailer below:

Tracks features:

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  • Real life details: Now with impressive RTX support, each island, inlet, harbor front, and rock is meticulously crafted from real-world map data of Nova Scotia. Players will have their hands full navigating the open waters of the Canadian Maritime Province.
  • Ships in the form of ships abound: With over 27 ships available, all based on real ships, including a brand new trawler and the legendary ship ‘Andrea Gil’, players will have many ways to traverse the Atlantic. There are even officially licensed equipment from Hermes, Scanmar, Skipasyn, Pronav, NorSap and Breeze on deck!
  • Hawks and lines: Catching swordfish is a bit different than catching lobsters, so harpoons, trawling, deep-sea fishing, and many other fishing techniques are all part of the game. Players will learn all the ins and outs of what it takes to be a commercial fisherman and make a fortune!
  • When something happens to you, it can get worse: The Enhanced Edition features a new volumetric weather system, including heavy rain, snow, heavy cloud cover, and thunderstorms. Captains and their crew will need to closely monitor weather systems to keep their shoes on board.
  • Golden fish: The new custom start option means that players can decide how and where they want to start their commercial fishing career. Start options include which fishing boat to start with, the size of the habitat they want to explore, as well as the start of the fishing season, up to a specific day of the year.

See some improved screenshots in our gallery below:

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