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Ever since the wedding with Prince Harry (33), the former “Suits” actress and New Duchess Meghan (36) has been under special public scrutiny. Every movement, every step and every outfit of the 36-year-olds is scrutinized. Nothing escapes the critical eyes of the public.
Read here what happened after Meghan and Harry’s wedding at the wedding party.
In her previous performances, the Duchess of Sussex has performed well in their performances – but now there is apparently cause for complaining. Meghan visited with her husband Harry the Irish President Michael D. Higgins (77) and his wife in Dublin. Duchess Meghan: BH-Blitzer on state visit to Ireland During her stay in Ireland, Meghan changed her outfit five times. Especially the gray dress of her favorite designer Roland Mouret aroused the net community.
The designer dress made the actually slim Meghan look shapeless.

Find out here why Meghan reaped on the net at her first appearance as a Royal critic. Not only did the boxy-cut, gray dress make the actually petite Meghan somehow shapeless, observant watchers noticed that the strapless bra of the Duchess of Sussex was clearly under the designer’s fuss. From the perspective of fashion experts An absolute no-go. “Wrong bra. Unflattering color. I’m sorry, Meghan. This is a fashion fail, “a user blasphemed on Twitter. Another judge: “She needs support in the underwear department.” Meghan smiles away the faux pas Despite the small outfit breakdown Meghan beamed next to Harry, the President and his wife as usual in the camera. What should encourage them: Your loved one, the comments of the so-called fashion experts certainly do not matter. (Mie)


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