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Broadcast: Urban Pop – music talk with Peter Urban | 07/13/2022 | 3:00 p.m. | by Peter Urban and Ocke Bandixen

47 Min
| Available until 07/13/2023

She became a musician more by accident, says Patti Smith, who always saw herself as a poet, as an author. She fled to New York at the end of the 1960s from a strictly religious home in Chicago. There she struggled to keep her head above water as a saleswoman in bookstores and interpreted her own poems. With the later famous photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, she lived in the Chelsea Hotel and in cheap apartments from the late 1960s, writing, dreaming of fame.

She felt close to the Beat poets as well as the French poet Arthur Rimbaud and immersed herself in the New York off-scene between William S. Boroughs, Andy Warhol and Allen Ginsburg. Friends like Sam Shepard encouraged her to perform her poems with guitar accompaniment on stage: the birth of singer Patti Smith, notably at the legendary CBGB’s club in New York.

The Patti Smith Group’s debut album Horses in 1975 was a hit. The singer’s furiously thrown out verses, the unusual topics, the undisguised language reached many. Patti Smith became internationally known as a pioneer of punk.

In the first episode, in a conversation with Ocke Bandixen, Peter Urban analyzes Patti Smith’s artistic roots, the elements of her art and the style and impact of her groundbreaking album “Horses”.

You will find the second part of the podcast here in a week under the title: Patti Smith – Living Icon (2/2)

Peter’s playlist for Patti Smith:

Piss factory (Single, 1974)

Horses (1975): the entire album

Radio Ethiopia (1976): Pissing in a River

Easter (1978): Because the night, Rock’n’Roll N****r, Privilege (Set me free), We three

Wave (1979): Frederick, Dancing barefoot, So you want to be (a rock’n‘roll star), Revenge

Dream of Life (1988): People have the power, Paths that cross, Dream of life, The Jackson song

Gone Again (1996): Gone again, Beneath the southern cross, Summer cannibals

Peace & Noise (1997): 1959, Last call

Gung Ho (2000): Persuasion, Glitter in their eyes, Grateful

Trampin‘ (2004): Mother Rose, My Blakean year

Twelve (2007): Gimme shelter, Soul kitchen, Pastime paradise

Banga (2012): Amerigo, April fool, Fuji-san, Nine, Seneca, After the gold rush