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Today in the section “Fashionable Analysis” there are not one, but two main characters at once. The images of Ivan Urgant and his wife Natalia Kiknadze will be appreciated by fashion expert Naz Maer.

On November 5, representatives of the domestic show business flocked to the 84th floor of the Oko Tower – a dinner of the Friends charity foundation was held in a restaurant in the Moscow City complex. To support the organization, see the colorful performance from the artists and hear the performance of Aida Garifullina, the birthday girl Ksenia Sobchak and her husband Konstantin Bogomolov, Ingeborga Dapkunaite, Ivan Urgant and Natalya Kiknadze arrived – the last couple attracted special attention.

As Internet users noted, the couple looked serious and tired, and the changes in the image of Natalya, who was always fit, caused a special excitement. “The feeling that Kiknadze is a breadwinner in the family, not a husband’s husband. So tortured and groomed "; “Vanya could lead his wife to her own cosmetologists. It’s not good when the lady was bombing, which could have been acquired in 20 years, ”the spectators looked at the photos of Ivan Urgant’s wife, discussing whether she was aging, tired or recovering. They agreed on one thing: the companion of the host always gives the impression of a calm and self-sufficient lady, despite external flaws. And what about the wardrobe of a star couple? Our expert will tell.

Ivan Urgant and Natalya Kiknadze1
Urgant's wife grew old, but looked stylish. Photo: press service archives

– Natalya looks great, she chose a very stylish kit and showed excellent taste. Ivan Urgant’s wife has a fashionable 90s-style loose leather jacket, black high-waisted culottes, pointed black ankle boots and an interesting geometric-shaped clutch. Each thing is interesting and original in its own way, while everything together looks very harmonious.

Ivan Urgant did not disappoint, but he was not surprised by the choice of image; in this form, we almost every day meet the host on the First Channel. The pinstriped double-breasted suit fits perfectly. Only the weird old-fashioned silk tie and boots bother you. Not so long ago, Ivan was already seen in this suit at a social event, and the image was more successful – with a white shirt and a blue pocket square. By the way, then he was also in the company of his wife: the couple appeared in white shirts and black jackets.

It seems that Ivan and Natalya are paying attention to how they will look together – this is commendable. Very harmonious couple.

Images of Ivan Urgant with his wife: repeat or forget?

The host of "Evening Urgant" and his wife were in trend – both together and separately. True, Kiknadze of her husband, who received several stylish comments, was able to outdo – her image can be safely reproduced. “It should be noted that Natalia managed to completely get into fashion trends. The result was an interesting mix of the 80s and 90s, unbanal and appropriate in the environment. The cherry on the cake is a red blouse with a shawl in white peas, which delicately adds a bright accent to this austere black set. All together creates an elegant and creative image in which there is nothing superfluous, ”the expert approves.

5 things in the style of the wife of Urgant

The image of Natalia Kiknadze is universal. Nearly. Of course, you can’t show up for a noisy holiday or an event with an evening dress code, but the kit chosen by Ivan Urgant’s wife will be equally appropriate to look at work, in a restaurant during a friendly meeting, and at the premiere of the film. Feel free to repeat – besides, this can be done without space costs.


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