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Seven months after the Prosecutor’s Office announced that it would request the preclusion of the investigation of the case for bribery and procedural fraud against the former president Álvaro Uribe Vélez, the accredited victims in the case will begin to be heard by the judge who will have to make a substantive decision on the request of the prosecuting body to terminate the process.

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Before another office Diego Cadena, former lawyer of former President Uribe and linked to the same investigation, will ask for his release due to expiration of terms. He has been at home from jail since July 27.

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In the first of the hearings scheduled for this Monday, at eight in the morning, he will intervene before the 28th judge of knowledge of Bogotá Carmen Helena Ortiz, the lawyer Reinaldo Villalba, representative in the case of Senator Iván Cepeda.

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As is logical, Villalba will express the reasons why he opposes the request of the accusing entity. It will request that witnesses such as Juan Guillermo Monsalve and Carlos Enrique Velez and the Prosecutor’s Office is ordered to continue with the process against Uribe Vélez.

Diego Cadena alleged professional secrecy for not answering some questions from the Prosecutor’s Office.

On November 6 of last year the Fourth Criminal Court of the Bogotá Circuit determined that the former president had acquired the status of accused, upon passing his process from the Supreme Court to the Prosecutor’s Office, so according to Villalba’s request, what would correspond is for the Prosecutor’s Office to present the accusation brief, then formally acknowledge in hearing and proceed to the preparatory stage of the trial.

The representation of Senator Cepeda he has insisted, since the process was in court before Uribe’s resignation from the Senate, that there is sufficient evidence to process it.

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The judge in the case scheduled seven days of hearing from Monday to October 29, but sources close to the case indicated that this time will not be enough to listen to all the parties, so new proceedings would have to be called.

After Villalba, the turn will be for the former Deputy Attorney General Jorge Fernando Perdomo, later the lawyer Miguel Ángel Del Río Malo representing Deyanira Gómez, ex-wife of the witness, will intervene. Juan Guillermo Monsalve and at the end the space of the accredited victims will speak the former attorney general Eduardo Montealegre.

Later the lawyer will intervene Jaime Granados, representative of former President Uribe Vélez, who will hold the position that he did not commit crimes and that the investigation should be closed.

At the end of this long process of legal interventions and evaluations, it is expected that the procuratorwhose position on the case is not yet known.

The judge anticipated that the decision will not be made lightly and that it will take a long time to examine each intervention, so her concept on the prosecution’s request could be left for next year. In any case, this decision may be appealed by any of the parties and will go to the Superior Court of Bogotá.

The freedom of Cadena

Before another office the defense of Diego chain He requested a hearing to request his release again due to the expiration of terms.

At the beginning of August, another court extended the arrest warrant against him for one more year and considered that there have been delays in the process attributed to his defense.

This hearing this Monday could be frustrated because el fiscal The case already has another scheduled diligence and it was known that it will request the postponement.

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