Uruguay has already chosen its meeting place for Qatar 2022, where and how is it?

Qatar 2022

The Uruguayan Football Association received the go-ahead from FIFA to take its concentration in Qatar 2022 to an equestrian center, which had been seen by Uruguayan managers last April.

The Uruguayan team already has a place to concentrate in Qatar 2022.
The Uruguayan team already has a place to concentrate in Qatar 2022.

After several months of uncertainty, Uruguay would already have a place of concentration in the Qatar World Cup 2022. The Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) received approval from FIFA to use the al shaqab equestrian center as the place where the entire Uruguayan delegation will stay to go in search of the World Cup.

As revealed The Observer (Referee), only details remain for Uruguay to finish officially confirming the facilities of this equestrian center as a place to concentrate during the stay in Qatar. This Thursday, representatives of the AUF would travel, among which is the national team technical secretary, Jorge Giordanowho was the one who discovered this place.

Uruguay had rejected all the concentration places that FIFA had offered in Qatar. In its great majority, they were luxury hotels with all the comforts for the rest of the footballers. However, these places lacked green spaces, soccer fields, on-site training spaces, and various other elements. Thus, from the AUF they tried to find new optionsalthough ignoring those allowed by the international organization.

Finally, after a trip by several Uruguayan managers to Doha in April, they found the Al Shaqab equestrian center, which has all the facilities and infrastructure that the AUF and the Uruguayan national team were looking for. FIFA authorized the Uruguayan delegation to use this equestrian center, despite a delay of almost three months due to certain inconveniences and disagreement regarding security issues.

This is the equestrian center Al Shaqab where Uruguay will concentrate in Qatar

The Al Shaqab Equestrian Center is a sports Complex located in the municipality of Rayán, where precisely two of the World Cup stadiums are located (the Qatar Foundation and the Ahmad Bin Ali). This place brings together all the facilities and infrastructure that the Uruguayan team needs. It has green areas, Gym, soccer field, recovery zones, wet area y accommodation for about 70 peopleaccording to the aforementioned medium.

Built in 1992, Al Shaqab has 98 hectares dedicated to equestrian sports. Although it is not contemplated as a place for soccer training, it has all the facilities for it and will be restructured for Qatar 2022 for the exclusive use of the Uruguayan national team. For this reason, several Uruguayan directors will travel in the coming days to finish defining the logistics and everything necessary for the World Cup.