Uruguay’s 1×1 in the win against Mexico: Vecino, Pellistri and Cavani, the most outstanding – Ovation – 06/03/2022

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In the early hours of this Friday Uruguay played the first friendly of the Diego Alonso Era and won it with authority 3-0 against Mexico in Arizona for the double of Edinson Cavani (46′ and 53′) and the goal of Matthias Neighbor (34′) in a match where several individuals shone.

Sergio Rochet 6

The sky-blue goalkeeper had very little work, but the few times he intervened in the game he did so safely. With the exception of one pass that went wide, he also played very well with his feet afterwards. He has been the starting goalkeeper for the team for five games and they have barely scored a goal against him.

Ronald Araújo 5

It was one of the weakest points that Celeste had since while it was on the field they beat it a couple of times and Mexico insisted on attacking that sector with Angulo and Corona. In the 29th minute he was injured (initially due to pubalgia), and Damián Suárez entered.

Jose Maria Gimenez 6

Even performance of the Uruguayan defender, taking several balls from above. He must be careful with some risky exit that he usually makes.

Sebastian Coates 6

In general, every time he is called to act by the national team, the captain of Sporting Lisboa responds with confident performances and this Friday morning was no exception. He is very serene when it comes to playing. He also took out several balls in the passing game.

Mathias Olivera 6

It was not a high-profile game for the left-back recently sold to Napoli. Is that the game was much to the right. Despite this, he had no cracks in the brand and returned to convey security in the rear.

Lucas Torreira 7

He played as a stopper midfielder in the initial 4-1-4-1 and he did it in great form, occupying the spaces, supporting his teammates, recovering countless balls and playing the ball judiciously. He is in a great moment.

Facundo Pellistri 8

Facundo Pellistri and one of his many overflows. Photo: AFP

He was one of the figures that Uruguay had. He won several heads up playing duels with the side and having the conviction that he was going to win them, something that Diego Alonso likes. He created the corner for Celeste’s first goal and gave the pass for Cavani’s first goal.

Federico Valverde 7

Federico Valverde.  PHOTO: AFP.
Federico Valverde. PHOTO: AFP.

It went from less to more in the game, and ended with a superlative level. He kicked the goal a couple of times, hit a ball off the post and put in tremendous wear and tear. He arrived after being champion of the Champions with Real Madrid on Saturday and the subsequent celebrations with the Merengues and not only was he a starter, but he played the 90 minutes.

Matthias Neighbor 8

Matthias Neighbor.  PHOTO: AFP.
Matthias Neighbor. PHOTO: AFP.

Great match for the central midfielder, who played a few meters higher this morning, on the same line as Valverde. He recovered many balls, he looked very good physically and constantly reached the rival area. He scored the first goal of the game anticipating the score and Josema, he let the ball pass and dragged marks in the second goal and was the protagonist of the duel.

Nicholas De la Cruz 6

Something similar to Olivera’s concept: as Uruguay found the imbalance on the right, it was a little more isolated from the game, at least in the offensive phase. Likewise, he was important on the back and played the ball simply.

Edinson Cavani 8

Eddie Cavani.  PHOTO: AFP.
Eddie Cavani. PHOTO: AFP.

The Matador is in force. He had two scoring chances and both ended in the back of the net with accurate and difficult definitions for the goalkeeper to reach 56 goals for the Uruguayan team. The second of his goals came from further away, but with great precision. Also, he performed the usual wear and tear on him.

Damian Suarez 6

Damian Suarez.  PHOTO: AFP.
Damian Suarez. PHOTO: AFP.

Very good income from the right side, who without a doubt is an important piece of the Tornado because in the five games of this process he had minutes. He scored judiciously and put in the pass for the second goal from Salta.

Those who also entered

Manuel Ugarte, Darwin Núñez and Diego Godín entered in the 72nd minute, while Maximiliano Gómez and Fernando Gorriarán entered with 13 minutes remaining in the game.

Manuel Ugarte.  PHOTO: AFP.
Manuel Ugarte. PHOTO: AFP.