US 007: “Moscow will try to undermine Midterm’s vote” – World

Moscow “probably” will try to discourage the vote and undermine the confidence of Americans in the Midterm elections in November, as a retaliation for the American-led Western response to the invasion of Ukraine: CNN reveals citing a new declassified document from the intelligence office of the Ministry of the Interior.

“We expect Russian interference in the 2022 Midterm elections, because Russia sees such activity as a just response to Washington’s actions and as an opportunity both to undermine the US global position and to influence American decisions,” the report reads. , titled “Key Threats to the Nation Through 2022”.

CNN explains that homeland security and national security executives are worried that Russia could exploit US divisions in the Midterm elections to trigger reactions of anger and violence.

For example, with minor hacking to the detriment of local electoral systems, with the deliberate purpose of getting noticed (without downloading to third parties) and using the maneuver to sow further conspiracies on the integrity of the vote in the USA, with the amplification of the problems on social networks. Efforts designed to marry the doubts fueled by Donald Trump and his allies with the false accusations of mass electoral fraud.



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