World US aggression sanctions against Parra

US aggression sanctions against Parra


The government of Nicolás Maduro He repudiated the economic sanctions imposed by the US Department of State, against Deputy Luis Parra, whom Chavismo and a small group of opposition dissidents elected and recognized as President of Parliament despite not having the majority.

The US Treasury Department sanctioned Parra and six other Venezuelans, to those who accuse of leading "a failed attempt to take illegitimately the control of the Venezuelan Legislature and for trying to avoid the re-election of opposition leader Juan Guaidó as president of this body."

US aggression

In a statement, the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry "rejects this new American aggression"which seeks" to interfere and undermine the proper functioning of the country's democratic institutions. "

In the Executive's view, these are "arbitrary measures against the president of the National Assembly (AN, Parliament), Luis Parra ", with whom" the government of Donald Trump intends to hide his manifest failure in his attempt to impose a change of government by force "in Venezuela.

United States "deepens its meddling in internal affairs of Venezuela to the point of meddling in exclusive matters of the Venezuelan parliament, with the unusual intention of appointing the authorities of the Venezuelan legislative power from Washington, "the official note continues.

They violate their sovereignty

The ruling Chavism recalled that the decisions of the Venezuelan Parliament (of overwhelming opposition majority and that they did not recognize until Parra swore as president) "they are sovereign and autonomous with respect to the other public powers of the State".

"These very serious unilateral actions are contrary to International Law and undermine the stability, peace and self-determination of the Venezuelan people," adds the statement calling on the international community to "condemn these new attacks against its sovereignty and its democratic institutions. "

Freeze your property

As a consequence of the measure of US Treasury, the assets they have in that country Parra and the other dissident deputies of the opposition who supported him are frozen: José Noriega, Franklyn Duarte, José Brito, Conrado Pérez, Adolfo Superlano and Negal Morales.

To all of them they are also prohibited from making financial transactions with US citizens. Guaidó, whom more than 50 countries including the United States recognize as interim president of Venezuela, was unable to enter the legislative session on January 5 where he aspired to be re-elected president for impediment of the public force.

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