US army returns stolen 1945 cake to Italian woman

The US military has given a birthday cake to an Italian woman after US soldiers stole a cake intended for her 77 years ago.

jvhBron: BBC

Meri Mion — who turns 90 Friday — was 13 when supposedly hungry American soldiers took the birthday cake her mother had made for her in 1945, which was cooling on a windowsill in the village of San Pietro, near Vicenza.

The U.S. military gave Mion a new cake at a World War II commemoration ceremony on Thursday. “It’s a bit embarrassing,” said US sergeant Peter Wallis, who was allowed to hand over the cake, “but this is fun.” Mion thought so too: “We will eat this dessert together with the whole family, as a reminder of a wonderful day that I will never forget.”

©  US Army

©  US Army