US authorities recommend wearing masks again because of Delta

The US health authorities recommend wearing masks again. This is because new information suggests that vaccinated people also pass on the delta variant.

the essentials in brief

  • The CDC recommends masks again, but the states are allowed to decide.
  • In schools, too, the nose and mouth should be covered again.
  • According to Joe Biden, a mask requirement can prevent further lockdowns.

The extensive repeal of the mask recommendation for corona vaccinated people in the USA was considered a milestone in the fight against the pandemic. The delta variant now forces the experts to row back. In a U-turn, the US health authority CDC recommends wearing masks again in the future.

Vaccinated people are also said to wear masks again in public spaces in some parts of the country where the virus is spreading rapidly. This also applies to schools, as the authority announced.

US President Joe Biden called for the new guidelines to be observed. “More vaccinations and the wearing of masks in the areas hardest hit by the Delta variant will enable us to avoid the kind of lockdowns, closings, school closings and disruptions that we faced in 2020.” The US would not return to these measures.

In May, the CDC no longer considered wearing a mask indoors for a fully vaccinated person to be necessary for the vast majority of situations. The CDC only makes recommendations. Ultimately, the US states make their own decisions.

“Majority of transmission by unvaccinated people”

New information also contributed to the updated assessment. These suggest that there is a significant likelihood of the virus being passed on to people who have been vaccinated. CDC director Rochelle Walensky emphasized, however, “that we believe that the vast majority of transmission takes place in unvaccinated people and by unvaccinated people”.

The number of new cases has recently risen particularly sharply in many southern US states such as Florida, Missouri and Arkansas. The vaccination rate is particularly low there. Just under 50 percent of all Americans – 163 million people – are fully vaccinated. That is significantly less than the government had targeted for this point in time.

Unlike the number of new infections, the number of new deaths per day is still relatively low at just under 300. In December and January this number was regularly over 3,000.

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