US begins testing coronavirus vaccine

An experimental coronavirus vaccine began testing in the first American participants, US media reported.

The American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and the German biotechnology company BioNTech announced that, as part of their global vaccine development program, the participants received separate doses at the Grossman School of Medicine at New York University in New York and at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Maryland.

In Germany vaccines were applied to volunteers from that European nation last week and now also in the US. begins the development of human tests, under the program called BNT162, reports CNN.

“With our unique and robust clinical study program underway, starting in Europe and now in the US. In the US, we look forward to moving quickly and collaboratively with our partners at BioNTech and regulatory authorities to bring a safe and effective vaccine to the patients who need it most, ”said Albert Bourla, Pfizer President and CEO.

“The short period of less than four months in which we have been able to move from preclinical studies to human testing is extraordinary and further demonstrates our commitment to dedicate our best resources, from laboratory to manufacturing and beyond, to battle against COVID-19 ”, he explained.

“We are optimistic that moving towards multiple candidates in these human vaccine trials will allow us to identify the safest and most effective vaccination options (…),” said Ugur Sahin, CEO and co-founder of BioNTech.

The phase of the program, currently underway, is designed to assess the safety, efficacy and best dose level of four candidates for mRNA vaccines and will be evaluated in a single ongoing study, according to the companies.

The first participants immunized in the first stage of the study will be healthy adults between the ages of 18 and 55, they explained.

Other projects have been developed at the same time in order to find a cure for the disease that has already caused the death of more than 250,000 people worldwide.

In April, for example, scientists at the Jenner Institute at the University of Oxford in the UK began testing their vaccine in humans, and based on the results of the trial, they say the result could be ready in September.

Eight vaccine programs are in the clinical trial phase and another 100 are in the preliminary stages, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

At the end of April, they were 5 the most advanced in that sense, mostly in charge of China, country where the outbreak of the new coronavirus originated, whose first cases were reported in the last dates of 2019 from the city of Wuhan.

Since then, the level of infections has multiplied greatly, reaching today the 3,618,325 people infected worldwide, of whom 1,181,885 belong to the United States, where more than 69,000 people infected by the pandemic.

According to data from the American Johns Hopkins University, 1,184,145 people have recovered from the disease globally. Of these, 187,180 in the United States and 135,100 in Germany, these being the two countries that expose the highest figures in this category.

Speaking on Sunday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, claimed he had a significant body of evidence that the Sars-Cov-2 had originated from a laboratory in Wuhan.

The effects of the pandemic, which has spread to more than 200 nations around the world amidst the dissimilar hypotheses about its genesis, have had a drastic impact on the world economy, and the results are already beginning to be compared with tragedies of historical dimensions such as the WWII.

Many countries have had to adopt untimely measures and restrictions such as the closing of borders, the price of oil has plummeted due to the lack of demand when people remain isolated in their homes to avoid the spread; the number of unemployed in the US it is already over 30 million, an unprecedented figure.

Meanwhile, some governments are beginning to ease the limitations in the face of the decline in infections and people are taking to the streets again. With more or less confidence, they breathe.


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