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US Congressional election: Even Fox News does not want to send Trump advertising

  • Several US broadcasters are refusing to broadcast a poll of Donald Trump for the congressional elections. CNN calls the clip "racist".
  • Among the boycotting channels is Fox News, with whom Trump has a great relationship.
  • Facebook also wants to block the video for advertising.

So far, if there was a TV station in the United States whose support and allegiance Donald Trump could almost completely be sure of, that was Fox News. The president often watches the conservative network's program for hours, calls the station's morningshows on a regular basis – and is defended by the moderators sitting there, no matter what outrage he has done the day before.

But this special kind of love relationship should now have gotten a little crack. For the so highly esteemed by the President of the United States refuses to broadcast a sponsored by Donald Trump election campaign spot for the US congressional elections. "After another review, Fox News stopped the ad yesterday," cite several media out of a statement from the network. The fact that liberal channels such as CNN and NBC, which Trump likes to refer to as the "Fake News", calls the spot "racist" and also cancels it is soon a marginal note.

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By Thorsten Denkler

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But not only TV stations boycott the film. Facebook said the clip may be posted there, but they deny the opportunity to promote it because it violates the company's own advertising report to curb "lurid content," NBC cites the company.

The 30 second long clip is accompanied by dramatic music. He calls on Americans to vote Republican in congressional elections in order to stop the trek of Central American migrants headed for the US border in Mexico. The doers warn against allegedly criminal immigrants who do not care about the laws of the United States.

As proof of this, the film shows footage of Luis Bracamontes, a Mexican immigrant who was illegally immigrated to the United States in 2014 for allegedly killing two police officers in Sacramento. The commercial cites him with the words, "the only thing I regret is that I killed only two." At the end of the spot, the voice of the US president can be heard. "I am Donald Trump and I have released this message."

NBC said that they had recognized after a further test, the insensitive style of the spot and therefore decided not to send the clip. As the broadcaster himself reports, he was "under fire" after he had shown the spot on Sunday between his coverage of a game New England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers in the US Football League NFL.

Among other things, the actress Debra Messing, who plays in the broadcast on NBC sitcom "Will and Grace", complained on Twitter about the broadcast. "I want you to know, I'm ashamed that my network sent this vile, racist advertising," she wrote there.

CNN responded via Twitter to a short message from Donald Trump, Jr. The son of the US president had uploaded the spot there as a video and after CNN's refusal to broadcast it, wrote: "CNN has declined to send this advertisement, I think it just send fake news and do not want to talk about real dangers that do not fit into their agenda. Have fun! " CNN wrote in its reply that it had been made clear in its coverage that this ad was racist and rejected paid pay. "These are the facts".

Donald Trump himself answered when asked if he thought the clip was offensive to reporters: "A lot of things are insulting". The US President added, "They are certainly effective."

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By Thorsten Denkler




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