US Congressmen Democrats intend to continue the investigation “Russian business”

US Congressmen Democrats intend to continue the investigation
 “Russian business”

Moscow. March 14th. INTERFAX.RU – Democrats of the US House of Representatives Committee of Intelligence in response to the Republicans published their own report on Tuesday on local investigation of the so-called “Russian case”, in which the question of a possible collusion between the campaign of President Donald Trump and Russia is one of the key.

On Monday, Rep. Mike Conauway said that Republicans in the lower house intelligence committee found no evidence of collusion between the presidential campaign of Donald Trump and Russia and are completing their annual investigation. The Republicans prepared a 150-page draft report and handed it over to the Democrats on Tuesday.

In the published 21-page report of the Democrats, witnesses, documents and aspects are listed, which, in their opinion, still need to be worked out.

“The decision to complete the investigation before key witnesses are interviewed and important documentary evidence is obtained will not allow us to fully fulfill our duty to the House of Representatives and the American people,” the document says.

According to the report, the investigation paid little attention to issues related to the hacking and distribution of the pre-election campaign headquarters of ex-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the transfer of this information to Trump’s team, and the possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian mediators.

The document raises the question of what ties Russian mediators could have with the Russian leadership.

In addition, the Democrats believe that it is necessary to work out issues that concern the security of future elections, the alleged financial transactions of Trump in cooperation with Deutsche Bank and Russia and the attempts of the US president to obstruct the investigation of the FBI. According to the Democrats, we should also study the extent of Russia’s use of social networks for spreading propaganda and disinformation.

As noted in the report, the intelligence committee has not yet requested documents from some 20 organizations of interest to them, including Deutsche Bank, social networks and the National Shooting Association of the United States.

Democrats believe that another 30 witnesses must be interviewed and accuse Republicans of refusing to talk to a significant number of people, including former White House spokesman Sean Spicer and former White House chief Rhines Pribus.

Representatives of the Democratic Party believe in the need to encourage more than 15 people and groups to return to the committee or provide the necessary documents. Among these persons are the son of the president of the United States Donald Trump Jr., the personal lawyer of President Michael Cohen, the president’s son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner, the former communications adviser Hope Hicks and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The report also provides an update on the findings of the Democrats on various aspects of the investigation.

Leading Democrat of the Committee for Intelligence of the House of Representatives Adam Schiff told reporters on Tuesday that “the work of the committee is far from complete.”

“We will provide the public with reports on what will be known to us and the work to be done, if not for us, for others so that the country can be sure that its administration is acting in the best interests of the state, and not because of the instruments of influence that Russia can have against the US president, “he said.

He promised that his committee “will do everything possible to continue the work.”

“There are people who want to cooperate with our committee and share information, and we will continue to do this,” A.Shiff said.

“We intend to attach full testimony of all witnesses to our report, most of them stated that they support the publication of these data,” the democrat stressed.

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