US court says Bill Cosby should pay $500,000 to woman who raped her 42 years ago

Judy Huss (third from left) and his attorneys celebrate as they raise their hands at the Santa Monica High Court in Los Angeles, California, USA, on the 21st (local time). Los Angeles = Associated Press

American comedian Bill Cosby, 84, who was released from prison last year after serving a sentence for sex crimes, has been awarded a verdict of $500,000 (about 640 million won) in compensation to the victim.

According to CNN, a jury composed of 12 jurors at the Santa Monica High Court in Los Angeles, California, USA on the 21st (local time) upheld the plaintiff’s hand in a civil lawsuit filed by Judy Huss, 64, an ordinary woman. They concluded that Cosby had intentionally sexually contacted Hus in 1975, when Heath was 16, and at the time Cosby was aware that Heath was aware that she was under the age of 18. Cosby ordered her to pay her $500,000 in damages to her Huss.

Huss sued Cosby in 2014. He alleged that in 1974, when he was 15, Cosby invited him to the Playboy Mansion, the home of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner in Los Angeles, and sexually assaulted him. During the trial, the time of the incident was changed to 1975, when Heath was 16 years old.

“I’m really happy,” Huss told reporters outside the courthouse. Heath’s attorney Nathan Goldberg said: “This case proves that the perpetrator can run, but not breathe.”

Cosby, who was once called America’s ‘national father’, came to be at the center of ‘Me Too’, which accuses victims of sexual violence in 2014. Known for sexually assaulting more than 50 women in 50 years, he became the first American celebrity to be convicted of a sex offense since the #MeToo movement began. In September 2018, the first trial court sentenced him to 3 to 10 years in prison and served his sentence, but last year the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overruled Cosby’s conviction for sexual assault and ordered his release, making him a ‘free body’. At the time, the women’s circle strongly protested that Cosby’s release was a kind of setback.

On the other hand, Cosby did not appear in this trial, which gave the first judgment among the accused civil lawsuits, and announced an appeal through an attorney.

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