US declares state of emergency after major oil pipeline is ransomed by malware – fresh news

US declares a state of emergency after a major oil pipeline is ransomed by malware – bbc thailand

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The United States government, led by President Joe Biden, declared a state of emergency to address the problem of transportation of fuel. After the country’s largest oil pipeline was hit with ransom malware. Causing the oil pipeline to be interrupted

Colonial Pipelines transport 2.5 million barrels of fuel per day, accounting for 45% of diesel consumption. Gasoline and jet fuel in the US East Coast But the company’s oil transportation system has come to a halt since Friday (May 7) as ransomed by cybercriminals.


Energy experts expect the incident to increase oil prices by 2-3% today (10 May), but if the situation continues to persist. The impact could be much heavier.

The emergency declaration was to open the way for oil to be transported by roads. This is in accordance with the Water Shipping Act, known as the Jones Act for short.

However, independent energy business analyst Góraf Sharma told the BBC that the amount of oil transported by road was less than the amount transported by oil pipelines.

Sharma said there is now a large amount of oil stranded at a Texas refinery.

He warned that if the situation cannot be recovered by tomorrow (May 11), the United States will have a big problem. “Atlanta and Tennessee will be the first areas to be affected. Then it will continue to affect until New York. “

A DarkSide ransomware notice

BBC examples of the darkside ransom messages communicated on the victim’s computer screen.

Several sources argue that the ransom malware attack was done by a cybercriminal group called Darkside. Which broke into the Colonial’s computer network on May 6 and seized nearly 100 gigabytes of data as collateral. Then, the next day, they blocked access to some of the computers and servers for ransom. They threatened to release this information onto the Internet if the company refused to pay.

“As soon as I realized that our computer system had been attacked. The company has shut down some network connections to prevent damage. This caused the interruption of oil pipeline transportation and affected our IT systems. The company is doing its best to recover the situation, ”Colonial Company said.

“The company is trying to get some of the systems back into service. But we will only be able to fully connect the system again when it is sure that it is safe and with the approval of the relevant authorities. “


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