US extends closure of land borders with Canada and Mexico

They will remain closed to non-essential trips until August 21, so goods, workers or students will cross.

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The United States closed the land borders with Canada and Mexico again, so they will remain closed to non-essential travel until August 21, reported the country’s Department of Homeland Security, to add 17 months in this situation.

The one-month extension came after the Canadian government announced Monday that it will allow fully vaccinated American visitors to enter the country on August 9 for non-essential travel only.

In addition, on September 7, Canada will extend the measure to travelers from the rest of the world who have completed the immunization schedule 14 days before their arrival in the country. However, only those immunized with the Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines will be admitted.

For its part, the Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE) reported on social networks that the United States government reported the extension of the partial closure of the border for another month, but indicated that “it will continue with bilateral dialogue.

The agency reiterated that the accelerated rate of vaccination at the border creates conditions to advance for mutual benefit. Mexico began the vaccination program for all the elderly in the border area on June 17 with doses of Johnson & Johnson donated by the US government.

It should be remembered that the limitations on land transit between the United States and Mexico were implemented on March 21, 2020 as a measure to contain the spread of the coronavirus, so no tourists or eventual visitors cross, but goods, workers or students do pass.

While US lawmakers in the border states urged that the restrictions be lifted, which do not apply to air, cargo rail or sea travel between the United States, Mexico and Canada.