US hearings: Justice top threatened to leave over Trump election pressure

A large part of the top of the US Department of Justice has threatened to leave early last year. That emerged on the fifth day of hearings in the House of Representatives about the attack on the Capitol on January 6 last year.

Then-President Trump wanted to replace Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen with Jeffrey Clark, a Justice Department lawyer who believed in Trump’s statements that massive fraud had been committed in the late 2020 presidential election. judges have brushed aside all objections from Trump and his team.

The judicial summit did not like the change of power and threatened an immediate departure if Trump fired Rosen. Rosen, incidentally, was only a minister for a short time. He took office after the departure of William Barr.

Daily phone calls

According to Rosen, Trump regularly claimed that the Justice Department “hadn’t done enough” to investigate allegations that the election had been “stolen” through voter fraud. “Between December 23 and January 3, the president called or spoke to me almost daily,” Rosen told the committee.

According to Rosen, Trump wanted the Justice Department to issue a statement calling into question the outcome of the election. “And leave the rest to me and the Republicans,” Trump is said to have said. Rosen told the committee members that justice should not know about it. “We have followed the law and the facts.”

Attorney General Richard Donoghue said Trump spoke of an “arsenal of allegations” to be deployed. The statement that Justice should have distributed would have dangerously politicized the ministry, he said. “It would have led to a constitutional crisis.”


The interrogation day also revealed that several Republican congressmen, including prominent Trump loyalists such as Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz, had filed a pardon with Trump. They had attended a meeting with Trump to discuss options for changing the election results. They feared being prosecuted for it.

One of the MPs admitted the pardon, saying he did so for fear of “abusing the justice system” by Democrats. Another congressman denies. Trump never did anything with the pardons.