[US market conditions]S & P 500, avoiding bear market-dollar pair is in the high 127 yen range-Bloomberg

In the US stock market on the 20th, the S & P 500 stock index ended almost unchanged. At one point, it approached a bear market, but closed the decline at the end of the transaction. However, the index has fallen for seven consecutive weeks on a weekly basis, the long-term downturn since 2001.

  • The Dow is almost the same as the S & P500, and it will be filled down in the final stage-Nasduck continues to fall
  • US Treasuries Rise, Escape Demand Drops -10 Year Bond Yield to 2.79%
  • Dollar rises, risk aversion-against the yen in the upper 127 yen range
  • NY crude oil rises to $ 113 level-Tight supply and demand in the petroleum product market for the fourth straight week
  • NY gold price rises in the week-escape demand due to growth concerns

The S & P 500 species ended at 3901.36, which was almost unchanged from the previous day. At one point, it fell 20% from the highest closing price in January, threatening to enter the bear market. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up $ 8.77 (less than 0.1%) to $ 31261.90. The Nasdaq Composite Index fell 0.3%.

Volatility was also amplified by the fact that this day was the maturity date for stocks and exchange-traded fund (ETF) options.

Deutsche Bank’s Jim Reed said, “There are still no signs that U.S. monetary authorities are dissatisfied with the tightening of the financial situation, and the market will raise rates by 0.5 points each at the June and July meetings. We continue to fully incorporate it, “he said in a report. “No one says it’s easy to get inflation back to its target from the very high levels it is now, so if you’re looking for a’FRB put’, it may still be ahead.” I wrote.

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US Treasury market is rising. As of 4:24 pm New York time, 10-year bond yields fell 5 basis points (bp, 1bp = 0.01%) to 2.79%.

The dollar is rising in the foreign exchange market. Against the backdrop of a temporary decline in US stocks, buying for the purpose of escape entered. Risk-sensitive currencies have turned down against the dollar.

The Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index, which shows the movement of the dollar against the 10 major currencies, rose 0.2%. As of 4:25 pm New York time, the dollar is up 0.1% against the yen to 1 dollar = 127.93 yen. The euro is down 0.3% against the dollar at 1 euro = 1.0556 dollars.

New York crude oil futures prices continue to grow. During the day, the weak trend of US stocks weighed on it, and it shook up and down. On a weekly basis, it increased by 2.5%, rising for 4 consecutive weeks. It was recognized that the supply and demand of the petroleum product market remained tight against the backdrop of strong demand, and the effects of recession concerns were sufficiently counteracted.

Oil posted its fourth week of gains

The June contract for West Texas Intermediate (WTI) futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) ends at $ 113.23 a barrel, up $ 1.02 (0.9%) from the previous day. The North Sea Brent July contract for the London ICE is up 51 cents to $ 112.55.

The New York gold futures market is almost unchanged. The August contract for gold futures on the New York Board of Trade (COMEX) ended at $ 1884.40, an ounce, less than 0.1% higher than yesterday.

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