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US Midterm Elections: Your guide to what America is looking for is going to the polls


04th November 2018 06:10:48

You may have heard that the US 2018 midterm elections are only days away.

key points

  • The American midterms will determine how easily Donald Trump can advance his political agenda
  • The split times are seen as a referendum on Mr. Trump and the direction of the country
  • Issues such as health care, immigration and reproductive rights will lead voters to polls

The midterms on Tuesday, November 6, are considered the most important in years – some even call them the most important in American history.

But what are even split times? Why are they so important now, let alone more important? And what will happen?

Here's what to look for and what to expect, while America is conducting the elections.

What are the means?

The American midterm elections take place nationwide every four years, half of the president's four-year term – hence the name "the interludes".

But there are all sorts of elected positions in the ballots The focus is on the congress – America's version of the Australian Parliament – consisting of the House of Representatives (lower house) and the Senate (upper house),

Representatives in plenary have a term of office of two years, This means that all 435 house seats are available for re-election,

Senators, however, staggered terms of six years and 35 seats in the Senate are available this autumn.

There are also Governor's race in 36 States and three American territories this year and a whole range of lesser state and local races that you do not really need to know – but if you're interested, here's a complete list.

Some states even vote on separate topics, including Florida, where member states decide whether convicted criminals who have spent their time should be given the right to vote again.

What will happen?

US President Donald Trump is NOT for re-election until 2020, but the result is seen as a sign of his recent success as president.

Unfortunately for Mr. Trump, the incumbent president's party almost always loses the seats of Congress in the midterm elections.

This is because the averages are considered Referenda on the current administration, and it is much easier too strengthen and mobilize the voters who lost the presidential election as voters who believe that their preferred candidate is doing a good job.

A fast one Take a look at the turnout at the former US mid-term times compared to presidential elections show why Trump and the Republicans are pushing for their supporters to quit and vote,

Five close races to watch

  • 26th District of Florida (Home) – The Republican held the district, which supported Hillary Clinton in 2016 predominantly
  • Texas (Senate) – Sir Trump's Nemesis ally Ted Cruz stands in tough Republican Republican Congressman Beto O Rourke in the traditionally republican state
  • North Dakota (Senate) – democrat Heidi Heitkamp faces a difficult challenge in a federal state, which Mr. Trump won in the double-digit range in 2016
  • 23rd district of Texas (house) – Democrat Gina Ortiz Jones is trying to become the first woman to represent the district in a Republican seat in 2016 by just 1.3 percent
  • Maines 2nd district – 102 years after an incumbent was overthrown, strong Democrat Jared Golden can change history

In the current situation The Democrats need 23 seats to regain control of the house and claim the 218 majority.

The New York Times estimates Between 60 and 70 races are fiercely contestedand that's realistic About 30 of them will decide whether the Democrats reclaim the house and how much.

According to FiveThirtyEight, a leading US location for politics and data journalism, Democrats have a chance of success of around 85 percent,

In the 100-seat Senate, the current balance of power is very close Republicans with a tight 51-49 majority,

Have control of the Senate The Democrats need at least two seatsbecause Republican Vice President Mike Pence is the tie-breaker when there is a tie.

But winning these two places will not be easy.

Only nine of the seats in the Senate are occupied by Republicans and according to FiveThirtyEight the The Republicans have a six in seven shot to retain control of the Senate and can even rely on their advantage.

Why are split times important?

They are important because which party controls Congress controls the passing of laws,

If the Democrats win big, Mr. Trump's right-wing agenda would be hampered and he would have difficulty implementing the desired tax cuts, immigration restrictions, and abortion policies.

If the Republicans stick to both houses, that would encourage the 45th president.

For example, in the first two years of Barack Obama's presidency, he was supported by a Democratic Congress and was able to pass his agenda.

In the mid-2010s, however, Republicans gained control of the Senate and blocked Obama's policies where they could.

It is The Democrats are likely to use similar tactics they should control Congress.

Out of the congress, the governors' race – the equivalent of a prime minister in Australia – is of fundamental importance.

Governors will be Control the creation of electoral district maps after the US Census of 2020,

Seated governors will be able to manipulate the district lines to suit their voter bases – a process known as gerrymandering. This would bring decisive benefits to their party in all states and national elections until the US census of 2030.

The governor's position was also traditional Testing for those with future ambitions for high office or positions within a White House administration.

Seventeen of the 45 US presidents have also served as governors – Think, Theodore Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton or George W. Bush – it could be that part of the current competition is for contenders for the Oval Office.

How about the investigation in Russia?

If the Democrats win big this timeis expected that They'll move to check on Mr. Trump wherever they can.

You also have the opportunity to investigate and investigate the Trump administration and its 2016 election campaign.

Democrats would be in control of whom to summon and where the investigations should go – a process that was closely monitored by the current Republican-controlled Congress.

Democrats have already made more than 100 formal requests in connection with the Trump administration and 2016 campaign, which the Republicans have largely denied.

With Democratic control of the Congress, summonses and investigations could become bleak for the President and his team.

Also the Other Democrats are in the Senate, the the possibility of impeachment,

The threat is not lost for Mr. Trump. Republicans urged their supporters to vote by threatening that a democratically controlled Congress would prosecute the president.

If they gain control of the House of Representatives-as experts predict-the House of Commons could easily vote for Mr. Trump's indictment.

But to remove a president by impeachment, as Richard Nixon did after the infamous Watergate scandal, they would need it a two-thirds majority in the Senate.

And even if the Democrats in the meantime win all available seats in the Senate, this is achieved majority would not be possible without a stack of republican voices,

So hypothetical Mr. Trump could be charged, but remains President – Just like the Democrat Bill Clinton, when he was charged with the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

What are the main topics being discussed?

As with any election, apart from the personal attacks and the underlying tensions, there are the main political issues.

This year, the averages are being fought on three major political battlefields: Jobs, health care and immigration,

The Democrats claim that Trump and his Republicans are trying to sever the nation's popular claims programs and reduce important health protection, which republican politicians deny.

The Democrats are too Mr. Trump's & # 39; commercial wars & # 39; strike US jobs hurt while Republicans on the falling unemployment rate since the departure of Obama as proof of their economic ability.

Dwarves of both topics is immigration with Mr. Trump increased his anti-immigration rhetoric and claims that the Democrats are behind the caravan of thousands of mainly Honduran migrants heading for the US-Mexico border.

While the focus will be on stopping the caravan at its republican base, Democrats will draw attention to border arrests, deportations and the arrest of police Mass separation of migrant children and parents as a trademark of Mr. Trump's immigration policy.

Despite these important policies, many are affected Judge Kavanaugh's Senate confirmation hearingswhich left a bitter taste in the mouth of the Americans on both sides.

The Republicans beat the Democrats because of their obstructive tactics During the hearings, while many Democrats and Liberals considered the appointment of Republican Kavanaugh in the face of multiple allegations of sexual assault as a shining example of the problems of sexism and the rights of women currently struggling in America.

Trump's triumph in 2016, despite multiple sexual assaults and the growth of the #Metoo movement, has resulted in him facing protests from women around the world from day one.

Well, on the 6th of November At every level of the US government, more women are running than ever before,

Many topics activate the Americans and lead them to the polls, but as little as they feel about Mr. Trump himself.

The President is still a very polar figure, and whatever the outcome, it is seen as a sign of its presidency and of its prospects for re-election in 2020.

When will we get results?

The first results are likely to impact sometime on Wednesday morning AEST close like polling stations.

Analysts will be able to make their predictions, but in a country where sometimes half of the voters submit their votes early and by mail, It may take days or weeks for the full image to be known,

Whatever the outcome, the impact will be massive for US policy and state in the coming years.


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