US, Republican deputy kills dem Ocasio-Cortez and posts the video on Twitter – Mondo

There is controversy in the US for the manipulated video posted on Twitter by the Republican deputy Paul Gosar in which he is seen killing the deputy dem Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pointing two swords at Biden. “So, while I was on my way to Glasgow, a hideous member (of parliament) I work with and who raised money for neo-Nazi groups shared a fictional video of him killing me. And he won’t suffer any consequences because the leader of the Republicans (in the House, ed) cheers for him justifying him “, tweets the progressive star, also known by the acronym AOC.
Gosar’s staff defended the video by dismissing accusations that it glorifies violence: “everyone needs to relax,” commented its digital director Jessica Lycos. But Twitter has already signaled the deputy’s quibble with a “public interest notice” because it violates the platform’s policy against hateful behavior. This means that users will still be able to see the video but without being able to like, reply or retweet it.
The video, which lasts 90 seconds, looks like an altered version of the opening credits of the Japanese animated series “Attack on the Titan”, where a hero struggles to destroy the Titans. In the images posted by Gosar he is the hero who flies through the air and hits a Titan with the face of Ocasio-Cortez from behind. In another image he wields two swords at an enemy with a Biden face.
AOC is one of the Republicans’ favorite targets.


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