US seeks gas for Europe if Russia escalates

The US government has held talks with several energy suppliers about options to supply gas to Europe if supplies from Russia are jeopardized by the tense situation around Ukraine. That is what anonymous sources say to Reuters news agency.

The US fears that Russia wants to invade Ukraine and that the gas supply to the European Union would be endangered. The EU depends on Russia for a third of its gas.

American officials have asked several energy companies whether there are options for obtaining extra gas. They were also asked whether they could export more and postpone maintenance of power stations. The companies have not been asked to produce more gas, a government source told Reuters. It is not known which companies have been talked to.


The energy suppliers point to the global gas market tightness and say there is not enough to replace the large quantities from Russia. A spokesman for the US Security Council says it is looking at whether there may be gas left somewhere that is being pumped, but has not yet been put on the market. That could then go to Europe.

In recent months, Russia has stationed tens of thousands of troops on the border with Ukraine, leading NATO to suspect that Moscow is preparing another invasion. Russia says NATO is on Russia’s borders.

Last week there were three meetings between Russian and Western officials. Both sides are still diametrically opposed.