[US stocks close]The three major US stock indexes all broke the top, Microsoft’s market value surpassed Apple’s Tesla and rose to $1,100-Hong Kong Economic Times-Real Time News Channel-Market Finance-Stock Market

Tesla’s (TSLA) share price broke the US$1,100 mark, and stocks such as Microsoft and Intel performed well, driving the three major U.S. stock indexes to close to new highs. The Dow rose 89 points to 35819 points; the standard index rose 8 points to 4605 points; the Nasdaq rose 50 points to 15,498 points. Tesla shares closed up 3.43% to $1,114.

See the closing of US stocks:

Affected by supply chain issues, Apple (US: AAPL) and Amazon (US: AMZN) were under pressure after their performance; Apple’s share price fell 1.8%; Amazon’s fourth-quarter revenue forecast was also worse than expected, and its share price fell 2.2%.

Microsoft closed up 2.2%, with a market value of nearly $2.49 trillion, surpassing Apple to become the world’s largest company by market capitalization.

In addition, Sumo Group, a British gaming company with studios in the United States and four other countries, said that the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) is investigating Tencent (00700)’s $1.27 billion acquisition of it; Tencent has agreed to provide relevant information. Documents to obtain CFIUS approval. The committee is responsible for evaluating transactions to ensure that they will not harm the national security of the United States.

Tencent announced in July that it would increase its holdings of the remaining shares in Sumo Group. Sumo and Tencent are in talks with CFIUS for approval before the end of this year.

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Market trend:

[22:11]The decline of US stocks narrowed, the Dow fell 6 points, the Nasdaq fell 0.4%, and the benchmark index fell more than 0.2%.

[21:30]US stocks opened, the Dow fell 63 points, the Nasdaq fell nearly 0.8%, and the benchmark index fell 0.5%.

[19:16]Dow futures fell 50 points, and Nasdaq futures fell nearly 0.9%.

[17:34]Apple (US: AAPL) fell 3.5% before the market. Amazon (US: AMZN) fell 4.7% before the market. Nasdaq futures fell more than 0.8%.

[12:17]Dow futures fell 20 points to 35710 points; standard index futures fell 14 points to 4581 points; Nasdaq futures fell 101 points or 0.6%.

[11:15][FUTU]Futu fell by nearly 13% on Thursday. CEO: There is no bankruptcy issue and central bank officials approve “Illegal Financial Activities” (Second Edition)

[11:01][Performance]Amazon expects its operating profit in the fourth quarter may be zero, and the performance of the previous quarter is lower than expected

[09:20]”Squid Game” virtual currency SQUID surged nearly 2300% within 24 hours

[07:30][Apple Performance]Last quarter, Apple’s net profit increased by 60% and revenue in Greater China surged by 83%, warning of supply chain problems greater than expected

[07:30][FB renamed]Facebook officially changed its name to Meta Tuoyuan Universe to welcome the era of virtual reality with a new look

==Following October 28th (Thursday) Stock Market ==

Although the U.S. economy grew worse than expected in the third quarter, it was supported by the ideal corporate quarterly performance, and the number of first-time jobless claims in the U.S. hit a new post-epidemic low. The Biden administration announced a $1.75 trillion spending plan and the top three U.S. stocks. The index rebounded on Thursday, and the Nasdaq index broke the top. The strong profits of the pharmaceutical companies Merck & Co. (US: MRK) and Ford Motor (US: F) have pushed up US stocks. As of 4 o’clock in the morning (the market close), the Dow rose 239 points to 35730 points; the standard index rose 44 points to 4596 points; the Nasdaq rose 212 points to 15,448 points.

See the closing of US stocks:

Biden said on Thursday that the Democratic Party has reached a historical consensus on a $1.75 trillion tax and spending plan framework that will help reduce the deficit. According to Bloomberg news, the White House believes that the plan will be passed by Congress.

Tesla (Tesla) has been raised by brokerage Piper Sandler to increase its target price to $1,300. It is expected that the company’s gross profit margin will rise and its long-term sales forecast will increase. The news stimulated the stock price to rise by 3.8%.

Facebook announced that it will change its company name to “META”, saying that the new name will more truly reflect its business and development. Facebook shares rose 1.5%. Earlier, there were reports that Facebook intentionally changed its name to “Meta Universe.” “Metaverse” consists of two parts: Meta (transcendence) plus Universe (universe), which can be understood as a virtual world parallel to the real world.

The US 20-year and 30-year bond yield curve inverted on Thursday, marking the first inversion of the yield curve since the US government re-launched the 20-year treasury bond in 2020; market worries are a sign of economic recession.

The US Dollar Index reported 93.36, down 0.47%. Gold prices rose, and New York’s December gold futures closed at $1802.6, up 0.2%.

U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai said that she maintained dialogue with Chinese officials to ease tensions and hoped that the trade relations between the two countries would develop steadily.

Facebook stated that it will change its company name to “META”, and the company will start trading under the new stock code “MVRS” from December 1.

Facebook officially changed its name to Meta to welcome the era of virtual reality with a new look

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Market trend:

【02:24】Bitcoin fell by more than US$3,000 and fell below US$58,000 per coin, which means that the market fell by 1.32%.

[02:33]New York December crude oil futures closed up 0.15 US dollars, or 0.18%, to 82.81 US dollars.London Brent December crude oil futures closed down 0.26 US dollars, or 0.31%, to 84.32 US dollars

【02:24】Facebook announced that it will change its company name to “META”, and the company will start trading under the new stock code “MVRS” from December 1. After Facebook announced its name change, the stock price rose to 2.6% to $321.

[02:15]The Central Bank of Zimbabwe raised the benchmark interest rate from 40% to 60% in an attempt to stabilize the free-falling currency and curb the surge in inflation. The governor of the central bank stated that the Monetary Policy Committee expressed concern about the recent increase in the quarter-on-quarter inflation rate, which was mainly driven by the rebound in exchange rate volatility in parallel markets. In the year to October, the inflation rate rose to 54.5% from 51.5% in the previous month.

[02:10]The Nasdaq rose by 184 points or 1.2%; the Dow rose by 189 points or 0.5%; the index rose by 0.8%

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[02:03]The White House is asking the Democrats to advance a comprehensive spending plan that will abandon two main and controversial health policy goals: authorizing the government to reduce drug prices and increasing dental benefits in medical insurance. The Democratic Party members stated that the party has not yet reached a consensus on this issue. Frank Pallone, chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee of the House of Representatives, said that efforts are still being made to include drug pricing in the bill.

[01:45]New York’s December gold futures closed up 0.2% to US$1802.60.

[01:27]The Dow maintained a gain of more than a hundred points, and the Nasdaq outperformed the market; the Dow rose by 137 points or 0.4%; the Nasdaq rose by 164 points or 1.1%; the standard index rose by 31 points or 0.7%

【01:00】JPMorgan Chase: Retirement funds should stop “dormant” investment

[00:31]The Dow rose 143 points or 0.4% to 35,633 points; the Nasdaq rose 175 points or more than 1.1% to 15,411 points; the standard index rose 36 points or 0.8% to 4588 points

[00:31]Amazon (U.S.: AMZN) expanded to 2.5% and reported $3,479. Columnist Jon Najarian said that a wise investment is to buy Amazon call options with an exercise price of $3,500.

[00:27]The foreign news agency quoted market news that Uber (US: UBER) drivers will be able to rent a Model 3 from Hertz for a rent of $300 a week.

[23:52]GlobalFoundries, a wafer foundry with a background in Middle Eastern funds, opened its US IPO flat on the first day at US$47.00, and then broke. The lowest hit US$44.50, a drop of nearly 5.32%.

[22:40][European Central Bank]Lagarde counterattacks interest rate hike expectations not resolute enough, the market continues to expect the European Central Bank to raise interest rates next year

[22:39]The Dow rose by 202 points, the Nasdaq rose nearly 1%, and the standard index rose 35 points or 0.8%.

[21:30]US stocks opened, the Dow rose 123 points, the Nasdaq rose more than 0.4%, and the standard index rose 19 points or 0.4%.

[19:13]US stock futures rose steadily. Dow futures rose 87 points and Nasdaq futures rose nearly 0.6%.

[16:51]Dow futures rose 56 points to 35547 points; standard index futures rose 11 points to 4563 points; Nasdaq futures rose 68 points or 0.4% to 15,666 points.

[16:48][FUTU]Futu plunged more than 20% before the market, and the transaction volume exceeded 500 million in half an hour. Central bank officials approve “Illegal financial activities”

[12:56]Dow futures rose 61 points to 35552 points; standard index futures rose 8 points to 4560 points; Nasdaq futures rose 36 points or 0.2% to 15,634 points.

[12:47][Bitcoin]The SEC reportedly does not allow the launch of a Bitcoin leveraged ETF

[11:16][Tesla]General Motors CEO: Electric vehicle sales in 2025 can catch up with Tesla, at least 30 electric vehicles will be released in the next 4 years

[11:14][Apple AAPL]Apple: 50 Chinese suppliers join the clean energy project to reduce carbon emissions by 18 million tons per year

[08:38][Performance]Ford raises its full-year profit forecast and will resume regular dividends. The stock price rose more than 8% after the market

【07:30】【Performance│McDonald’s】McDonald’s performance exceeds expectations and closes up 3%

==Following October 27th (Wednesday) Stock Market ==

During the intensive period of U.S. stocks, the market paid close attention to the economic data and inflation figures released on Thursday and Friday. Together with the decline in oil prices and commodity prices, U.S. stocks repeated their highs on Wednesday. Resources and energy stocks led the decline. The Dow closed down 266 points to 35490 points; the Nasdaq index rose less than 1 point to 15,235 points; the benchmark index fell 23 points to 4551 points. Microsoft and Alphabet performed well, with their stock prices rising 4.21% and 4.96%, respectively. McDonald’s closed up 2.67% to US$242.73; Coca-Cola rose 1.95% to US$55.52.

See the closing of US stocks:

The United States will announce the third-quarter gross domestic product (GDP) on Thursday, and the market expects growth to slow to 2.8%; and Friday’s Core Personal Consumption Expenditure Deflator (Core PCE) is expected to rise 3.7% year-on-year.

U.S. bond interest rates and the U.S. exchange rate were weak, and gold prices rebounded. New York gold futures prices closed up by $5.4 to $1798.8 on Wednesday.

Oil prices fell by more than 2%. Iran said it reached an agreement with the European Union to restart nuclear negotiations before the end of November. The specific date will be announced next week, and it has not linked the lifting of sanctions to the resumption of negotiations. New York oil futures fell 2.4% to close at US$82.66 per barrel, while Brent oil futures also fell 2.1% to US$84.58. Bitcoin fell below the $60,000 mark, and the US market fell 5.26% to $58,900 in the end.

Goldman Sachs analysts raised Tesla’s target price from $905 to $1125. Analysts said that even if Tesla’s new factories in Austin and Berlin start production, Hertz’s 100,000 electric vehicle orders will still help Tesla maintain a healthy supply-demand relationship, strong growth and profit margins. The analyst predicts that over time, the demand for electric vehicles will expand, and Hertz can also incentivize other rental fleets to switch to electric vehicles more quickly.

After the Democratic Party of the United States proposed legislation to set a minimum corporate tax rate of 15% and levied a tax on the wealthy, the two major business organizations in the United States are preparing to lobby to prevent Congress from passing the bill.

Iran says nuclear talks will resume within five weeks without linking the lifting of sanctions to the resumption of talks

[Performance│McDonald’s]McDonald’s performance exceeded expectations, stock price rose 2%

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Market trend:

【02:32】New York December crude oil futures closed down 1.99 US dollars, or 2.35%, to 82.66 US dollars.

【02:25】According to CNN, at least 40 American progressive members are prepared to vote against the infrastructure bill until the House of Representatives vote on the settlement bill

[02:05]The Dow fell 64 points or 0.2%, the Nasdaq rose 119 points or 0.8%, and the benchmark index rose 5 points; New York oil futures fell more than 2%, falling below US$83; London Brent oil futures fell 1.9%, Fell below $86

[01:57]The US 30-year Treasury bond yield fell 10 basis points to 1.94%.

[01:46]The Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Pelosi, said that the Democrats are close to reaching an agreement on the ceiling of the spending bill. The House Rules Committee will hold a hearing on Biden’s economic agenda.

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[01:44]December gold futures in New York closed up 0.3%, at 1798.80 US dollars.

[01:23]Hertz Rent-a-Car (HTZZ) will provide Uber (UBER) drivers with 50,000 Tesla (TSLA) electric vehicle (EV) products.

[00:40]The Nasdaq rose by 0.6% or 86 points; the Dow fell by 125 points or more than 0.3%; the index rose by 1 point

[00:06]New York Oil Futures and Brent Oil Futures fell more than US$2 to US$82.55 and US$83.64 respectively

【23:54】Google A (US: GOOGL) rose 4.9%, refreshing the market’s historical high to 2925.18 US dollars.

[22:31]Microsoft broke the top and reached US$311.99. It is now up nearly 4% to US$322.06. Google rose 3% to $2,872.995. The Nasdaq rose 0.4% and the Dow fell 62 points.

[21:30]US stocks opened, the Dow rose 34 points to 35791 points, the Nasdaq rose 0.3% to 15,281 points, and the standard index rose 1 point to 4576 points.

[19:12]Dow futures rose 25 points, Nasdaq futures fell 0.1%, and standard index futures fell 2 points.

[12:24]Dow futures rose 5 points to 35,762 points; standard index futures did not rise or fall temporarily, to 4574 points; Nasdaq futures fell 8 points, or nearly 0.1%, to 15,550 points.

[12:16][US stock focus]AMD’s third quarter net profit rose 137%, raises annual revenue growth forecast

[10:54][US stocks focus]Robinhood’s third quarter loss expanded by 1.6 times to 1.32 billion US dollars in cryptocurrency business revenue fell 80%

[09:51][US stock focus]Microsoft’s last quarter performance beat expectations, benefiting from cloud business growth

[08:21][Performance]Twitter said that Apple’s privacy policy impact was less than expected, after stocks rose nearly 4%

[08:08][Performance]Google’s parent company Alphabet’s quarterly revenue beats expectations and the stock price is soft after the market

==Following October 26 (Tuesday) Stock Market ==

The performance of US companies beat expectations, the Dow and the benchmark index closed to new highs, and the gains in the end of the market narrowed. The Dow closed up 15 points to 35,756 points; the standard index rose 8 points to 4574 points; the Nasdaq rose 9 points to 15,235 points.

That is, to see the US stocks close:

Tesla gave up after hitting a new high and closed down 0.63% to US$1018.43; Nvidia (US: NVDA) broke the top and rose 6.7%.

Facebook (U.S.: FB) sales growth has slowed down due to the new privacy regulations of Apple (U.S.: AAPL) that have made it more difficult to accurately deliver ads to users. The company announced that it would increase the stock repurchase scale by US$50 billion, but the stock price still fell after the performance, closing down by 3.9%.

Disagreements over inflationary pressures remain serious. Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers stated that current Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen did not fully understand the reality of inflation, and said that Fed and Treasury Department officials are unlikely to successfully deal with this until they recognize the inflation situation. risk.

Roth Capital: Tesla’s $1 trillion valuation will shrink in the face of new competition

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Market trend:

[02:45]Republican Senator: Urges Powell to change the Fed’s policy line

[02:36]US Senate Majority Leader Schumer said that the economic package is one step closer to reaching an agreement.

[02:33]New York December crude oil futures closed up 0.89 US dollars, or 1.06%, to 84.65 US dollars; London Brent December crude oil futures closed up 0.41 US dollars, or 0.48%, to 86.4 US dollars

[02:17]The Dow rose by 75 points or 0.2%; the Nasdaq rose by 25 points or more than 0.1%; the standard index rose by 14 points or 0.3%

[02:05][US stock forecast]Bank of America: US stocks will face more downside risks before the end of the year

[01:53]US Senate Banking Committee Chairman Brown said that US President Biden may nominate Powell again as the chairman of the Federal Reserve. It is expected that Biden will nominate up to 4 members of the Federal Reserve. Workers’ interests will be the focus of Biden’s nomination. Biden Understand that Americans want to put workers at the center of economic policy. Bown reiterated that he believes that Powell’s performance in monetary policy is quite outstanding, but his performance in financial regulation and climate change is lacking.

[01:43]According to the “Washington Post”, the U.S. Democratic Party is considering levying a 3% “surcharge” on some millionaires.

[01:38]December gold futures in New York closed down 0.7% to 1,793.40 US dollars.

[01:13]Verizon and Amazon will use Kuiper satellite network to expand broadband services

【00:49】Facebook’s decline widened to 5.1%. , Dragging the Nasdaq down 0.1%.

【00:43】The Dow turned down and is now at 35,734 points, after it had risen more than 0.4% before

[23:50]The Dow rose by 121 points or 0.3%. In the early stage, it rose by as much as 151 points or more than 0.4%, reaching as high as 35892 points; the Nasdaq rose 84 points or 0.6%, surpassing the 15,300 mark, but the increase was relatively early. Up 157 points and narrowed by half, the index rose by 20 points or more than 0.4%

[23:32]Xiaopeng Automobile released the P5 delivery plan. Due to the shortage of millimeter radar supply, the production and delivery time of some models was affected. For customers who choose the delivery plan of reinstalling the radar after picking up the car, Xiaopeng expects to start the reinstallation of radar in batches from March 31, 2022.

[22:59]Tesla’s stock price continued to hit a new high, reaching a high of US$1094.94, and the market valued US$1.1 trillion. The turnover in one and a half hours after the market opened has reached US$24.3 billion, reflecting the enthusiasm of global investors.

Roth Capital: Tesla’s $1 trillion valuation will shrink in the face of new competition

The second largest transaction was Facebook, with more than 6.6 billion U.S. dollars in transactions. Facebook’s share price fell 2%, reflecting that investors’ evaluation of Facebook’s bet on Meta Universe is only average, and it currently relies on $50 billion in repurchases to support the stock price.

[22:24]Tesla’s share price exceeded $1080.

[22:22]The Nasdaq’s gains expanded to 1%, the standard index is currently up 0.5%, and the Dow is up about 140 points. Among technology stocks, Nvidia maintained a 7.8% increase, Tesla rose 5.7%, Amazon rose 2.8%, Google A rose 1.1%, Microsoft rose 0.6%, and Apple rose over 0.5%.

[21:30]US stocks opened, the Dow rose 79 points to 35820 points; the standard index rose 15 points or more than 0.3% to 4582 points; the Nasdaq rose 79 points or more than 0.5% to 15,305 points.

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[20:52]Dow futures rose 110 points, and Nasdaq futures rose nearly 0.6%.

[17:56]Dow futures rose 98 points, and Nasdaq futures rose more than 0.6%.

[12:21]Dow futures rose 42 points to 35783 points; standard index futures rose 11 points to 4578 points; Nasdaq futures rose 70 points or nearly 0.5% to 15,584 points.

[09:34][Apple AAPL]US Department of Justice Accelerates Antitrust Investigation According to the Ministry of Justice, Apple may face prosecution in the short term

[08:51][Tesla New High]Musk’s net worth surged by $36.2 billion in a single day, breaking the record for Exxon Mobil and Nike

[07:30][Facebook Performance]Facebook’s revenue is lower than expected, investing tens of billions of dollars in profit to engage in VR

[07:30][Facebook Stall]The number of young Facebook users continues to decline

==Following October 25th (Monday) Stock Market ==

Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla (US: TSLA) broke through the $1,000 mark, setting a new high for the third consecutive day, and its market value broke the trillion-dollar mark, driving the U.S. stock market to rise, and the Dow indicators also broke the top. The Dow closed up 64 points to 35,741 points; the standard index rose 21 points to 4566 points; the Nasdaq rose 136 points to 15,226 points. Tesla rose 12.66%, and its stock price hit a new high of $1,024.86. Morgan Stanley raised the target price of Tesla from US$900 to US$1,200, indicating that the company has overcome an unprecedented supply shortage in the industry and achieved extraordinary sales growth. Morgan Stanley is also optimistic that the company’s software business and technology in insurance and battery supply will become a “long-term champion” in the automotive and energy fields.

See the closing of US stocks:

The weaker U.S. bond yields offset the negative effects of the strong U.S. exchange rate. Gold prices rose above $1,800 on Monday, setting a new 6-week high.

New York December gold futures closed up US$10.5 to US$1806.8.

US President Biden said that he is optimistic that the Democratic Party can reach a framework agreement on the local spending bill this week. The upper limit of the expenditure bill was cut in half to US$1.75 trillion from the US$3.5 trillion originally proposed by the Biden administration.

The energy crisis escalated again this week, with natural gas rising by more than 11% and London Brent oil futures above $86.

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hot news︰

[U.S. stocks one week ahead]The quarterly results of the large technology stocks “FAAMG” hit the focus of the third quarter GDP, September PCE price index

Market trend:

【02:31】New York’s December crude oil futures were flat at US$83.76; Brent’s December crude oil futures closed at US$0.46, or 0.54%, to US$85.99.

【02:28】The Nasdaq rose 1%, and both the index and the Dow continued to hit record highs. Tesla (TSLA) rose more than 12.3%, driving the Nasdaq to expand to 1.0%.

[02:00]The Dow rose by 77 points or 0.2%, the Nasdaq rose by 132 points or 0.9%; the index rose by 0.5%

[01:42]December gold futures in New York closed up 0.6% to US$1806.80

[01:40]Musk’s personal wealth surged to US$281 billion. Prior to this, Hertz rented a car and ordered 100,000 electric vehicles from Tesla. Tesla’s intraday market value once reached US$1 trillion.

【00:26】RedWire (RDW.N) surged 32%, triggering a fuse, after Blue Origin announced plans to build a commercial space station.

[00:08]The Dow rose 89 points or 0.2% to 35766 points, the Nasdaq rose 107 points or more than 0.7% to 151971 points, and the standard index rose more than 0.3% to 4560 points.

[23:33]Xiaopeng Motors (XPEV) expanded its intraday gain to 10% and is now quoted at US$47.46. Earlier, Xiaopeng Motors CEO He Xiaopeng announced that Xiaopeng Motors’ flying cars will be mass-produced in 2024, and the price is planned to be controlled within 1 million yuan.

[23:33]Xiaopeng Motors rose more than 10%, leading the US new energy vehicle stocks, Tesla rose more than 7.7%, refreshing the market’s historical high of US$979.80; Ideal cars rose 4.2%, and Weilai Motors rose 3.9%. Fisker rose 3.7% and Faraday Future rose 2.8%.

[23:17]The Dow rose 63 points, the Nasdaq rose more than 0.5%, and the standard index rose more than 0.3%.

[22:25]The Dow fell 2 points, the Nasdaq rose nearly 0.4%, and the index rose 3 points.

[21:31]US stocks opened, the Dow rose 61 points, the Nasdaq rose nearly 0.4%, and the standard index rose 10 points or more than 0.2%.

[19:43]Tesla (US: TSLA) reached a pre-market high of US$953 and is still up more than 4%.

[18:16]Pinterest (US: PINS) fell more than 10%, and PayPal (US: PYPL) rose nearly 7%. Earlier, PayPal responded to market rumors that it did not seek to acquire Pinterest.

[18:12]Dow futures fell 5 points, and Nasdaq futures rose more than 0.2%.

[12:21]Dow futures rose 3 points to 35680 points; standard index futures rose 2 points to 4547 points; Nasdaq futures rose 14 points or nearly 0.1% to 15,369 points.

[09:01][Virtual currency]Shiba Inu coin soared by 50% to a new high, becoming the 11th largest cryptocurrency in market value Musk: not holding

[08:02][New Stock IPO]Jingtai Technology reportedly plans to go to the United States to go public is stalled, discuss the feasibility of changing to Hong Kong for listing

[07:30][US stock performance]Benefited goods, services, travel and entertainment expenditures increase, American Express’s net profit increases by 70% year-on-year

[07:30][US Economy]Yellen: Prices will remain high next year. Inflation caused by supply chain bottlenecks is “temporary pain”

[07:30]U.S. stocks developed individually last Friday. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said that he is on the track of starting to reduce the scale of debt purchases. The Reserve Bank will complete the reduction of debt purchase plans in mid-2022 as planned, but now It is too early to raise interest rates; if the Fed sees a serious risk of rising inflation expectations in the middle of next year, it will raise interest rates by then. The news narrowed the decline of the U.S. dollar index, the Nasdaq fell sharply, and the Dow broke its top. The Dow rose 73 points to 35677 points last Friday; the index fell 4 points to close at 4544 points; the Nasdaq fell 125 points to close at 15090 points.

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