US stocks drop in oil prices

US stocks drop in oil prices

The price of oil has increased by about $ 80, with the help of God and his help. Our dear and dear visitors in all parts of the Arab world have set up the Arab News website, which carries the international, Arab, sports, technical, economic and other news, We hope that he has received the attention and satisfaction of our dear Zacharna, which we always aim to satisfy in the framework of our policy which we have established and which we are keen to work in the context of conveying the truth to the Arab reader in all parts of our Arab homeland. For the ” US stocks drop in oil prices “He said. Thursday, May 17, 2018 2:19 pm, Arab News – Your way to know the truth, oil prices rose in trading Thursday, after official data showed a decline in oil inventories in the United States. The data released by the Energy Information Administration in Washington, Wednesday, a drop in US oil inventories, 1.4 million barrels, to 432.4 million barrels last week, unlike the American Petroleum Institute (preliminary). By 0556 GMT, London Brent crude futures for July delivery rose 0.10 percent, or 15 cents, to $ 79.43 a barrel. US crude futures for June delivery rose 0.28 percent, or 20 cents, to $ 71.69 a barrel. US oil production rose to a new record high of 10.723 million bpd last week, from 10.703 million barrels in the previous week. – $ 80 .. The decline of US stocks raises the price of oil, the best of greetings, and the best of all, and all respect to you, dear fans, in the end Ali Hassan Follow us, hoping to be good for us, and do not compromise your opinion in the above news through comments Where your opinions are always important in the first place and last, and do not forget to also follow us on the social networking pages of our site Arab News, which are our pages on the sites of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, and put an admiration and follow up to reach you the latest political and economic news, technical and sports and technical news Health and beauty world news Eve also diverse and entertainment to reach you as soon as they occur-you-go, US stocks drop in oil prices . Arab News – US stocks drop in oil prices
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