MOSCOW, September 13. / TASS /. The United States can impose sanctions on the Russian export project Nord Stream-2, said US Energy Secretary Rick Perry following talks with his Russian counterpart Alexander Novak on Thursday in Moscow. At the same time, both ministers expressed hope for the cooperation of the two countries in the energy sector and agreed to resume the dialogue.

US Arguments

The negotiations between Novak and Perry were held at the Foreign Ministry's Reception House and culminated in a joint briefing for the press. But before the meeting, Perry outlined what the US is worried about in relations between the two countries.

"We are against Nord Stream-2, the implementation of which can lead to the fact that two-thirds of imports [Европы] will take Russian gas. This will create a vulnerability. It's a bottleneck, like a bottleneck in that situation, if something goes wrong, "he said.

At the briefing after the meeting, he confirmed the possibility of new sanctions against the pipeline project and in general against the Russian energy sector. "My answer is yes to both the first part of the issue and the second one," he said, answering the question whether sanctions are valid against the pipeline project and additional sanctions against the entire energy sector of the Russian Federation.

The US adheres to the position that the project violates the competition in the European market, Perry said and, as an example, stressed that the US supports the construction of another pipeline through which gas from the Azerbaijani Shah Deniz field will be supplied to Europe.

Perry also urged Russia to "take the position of a responsible producer" and not to allow "the availability of energy resources exerted a strong influence on the oil and gas markets."

The position of Russia

Alexander Novak, on the contrary, called the main outcome of the talks the opportunity to cooperate in the energy sector and even encouraged the United States to jointly invest in technology and energy efficiency with the participation of the Russian Direct Investment Fund.

"My colleague and I discussed the directions of cooperation, we believe that this is an important sector for our economies and agreed that we will continue to be in dialogue and keep in touch," Novak said.

Perry was with him in solidarity.

"Yes, we have disagreements, but the dialogue is very, very important for the two countries, especially given that we are leaders in gas production, I am optimistic, our dialogue will be productive," he agreed.

However, Novak also responded to the threat of sanctions, saying that such a statement "causes concern." At the same time, he noted that Russia is absolutely confident in its competitiveness for gas supplies to Europe. "We are not afraid of competition with LNG from the United States of America, and we are not taking any measures to ensure that this gas is not supplied to Europe," he concluded.

Novak concluded the meeting, reminding Perry that the invitation to take part in the Russian Energy Week, which will be held in October, remains in place.

After the meeting, Perry on Twitter called the meeting with Novak productive and stated that he "eagerly" awaits the continuation of the dialogue "within the framework of current limitations in our bilateral relations." The US Energy Ministry's written statement after the talks in Moscow notes that Perry expressed "disappointment and concern over Russia's continuing attempts to infiltrate the US grid," and stressed that the two countries "have a common responsibility for strengthening international energy security and global stability ".


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