US to Supreme US Judge Over Trump Blocking Twitter Followers | NOW

The US Department of Justice is asking the US Supreme Court, the US’s highest court, to rule on whether President Donald Trump can block followers on Twitter.

Trump lost a case against a group of Twitter users he blocked in May 2018. A federal judge then ruled that the blocking of Twitter followers by an official in office is against the constitution.

This is because Twitter users on the social medium can no longer respond to tweets that Trump sends due to the blockade. The action therefore violates the right to freedom of expression.

The US president already tried to overturn the judgment through an objection court, but in July 2019 that went along with the judgment of the New York judge. According to the court, freedom of expression is “effectively, although modestly” restricted. “It doesn’t take more than that to violate the constitution.”

The US Department of Justice notes that this judgment “limits the ability of public figures – from the President of the United States to a city councilor – to shield their social media profiles from harassment, trolling, or hate speech.”

Trump regularly uses his personal account @realDonaldTrump to announce, defend, or respond to political issues. The White House also awards the president the official @POTUS account, but Trump uses this profile a lot less.


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