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Last Friday, Kamala Harris made American history: Harris became the first woman in the history of the United States to hold presidential power. Only for 85 minutes, and only because the President, Joe Biden, had a routine colonoscopy and was anesthetized for it. But from now on, those one hour and 25 minutes are in the history books of the United States.

Hardly anyone in the USA can really imagine that Kamala Harris will one day become president herself.

At the beginning of the year some celebrated as an upcoming political star and great hope, the 57-year-old Harris is today in a popularity slump that falls short of any historical comparison. A recent poll revealed an approval rating of 28 percent. It’s the lowest approval rating a Vice President – all men – has ever achieved in the history of the United States. And with this poll number and the simultaneous 79th birthday of the President the day after his colonoscopy, the White House and the Democrats are facing headlines that they would rather avoid.

Harris struggles with her role

The magazine “Politico” ran the headline: “Chatter about the Biden successor is getting louder, and Harris doesn’t put anyone off”. Democrat-friendly CNN reports “Harris’ frustrating start” as Vice President, and the conservative tabloid “New York Post” writes of “shutting down Kamala Harris” in the face of “mounting tensions” with Joe Biden.

The core message of the articles is the same: The Vice President is struggling with her role. She is frustrated and some around Biden are frustrated with her. And instead of Harris, other Democrats are brought into play as future presidential candidates, such as Pete Buttigieg, who as Minister of Transport is allowed to implement large parts of Biden’s infrastructure package, or Senators Amy Klobuchar or Elizabeth Warren.

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A sign from the White House?

When Joe Biden campaigned for the Americans to elect him as the 46th President of the United States, he presented himself as a “bridger”. He himself used the word in the election campaign in March 2020. Today it is unclear whether Biden actually sees himself as a pure “cheat”. He recently announced in private and public that he would take up a second term in 2024. He will then be 82 years old.

Now this can be a tactical statement to counter doubters who already no longer expect the office of him. The American president has to appear vital and determined. But it can also be read as a sign that the leadership in the White House and in the democratic party no longer trust Kamala Harris to one day succeed Biden.

The counted number 2

In fact, Kamala Harris has hardly had any success so far. There is something platitudinous about her appearances, she often appears arbitrary. Even if its President Biden has really not entrusted any political gold mines, but rather ungrateful dossiers such as the migration disaster on the southern border or the revision of the voting rights law, which will hardly have any success in the Senate. But Harris did not cut a good figure in either of the dossiers. Being the number 2 is always a thankless task. Being a counted number 2 is a political punishment.

Pascal Weber


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