Usa 2020, large queues and 15 million ballots: the record for early voting

NEW YORK – He can also be alone an optical effect: Democratic voters from big cities crowding the seats of theearly vote in order not to risk coronavirus infections in the confusion ofElection Day. According to Trump’s election team, the advantage that Biden is accumulating in these days he will be overwhelmed by the republican wave that will pour into the polling stations on November 3. But the numbers of these first days of voting anticipated are leaving the democratic electoral strategists themselves speechless. By seven o’clock last night, more than 15 million Americans had already voted in the thirty states in which it is possible to deposit one’s suffrage. And some have not yet provided their data, while in other states it will only start voting today. We are already at more than 10 percent of the 136 million votes cast by the Americans in the 2016 presidential elections.

The cards are still sealed but, on the basis of the identity of the voters (they must register on the electoral roll as Democratic, Republican or independent), analysts believe Biden got two-thirds of the vote so far expressed. It could be just the advance of votes that without Covid would still have been cast on November 3, but the Democrats are convinced that many additional votes are coming: in North Carolina, for example, 20% of the half million votes already cast come from people who had never voted in the past; in Michigan More than a million voters have already voted, a quarter of all those who voted in 2016.

At this rate, the early votes in the presidential elections will be more numerous than those deposited in the polls on November 3: an unprecedented event in American history. Various indications suggest that a real mobilization of Democrats is taking place: for example, the fact that among the voters there is a very large number of African Americans and women, the two social groups most favorable to Biden. And then the fwith very long of voters who, in order to vote, wait many hours on their feet. It’s happening in Atlanta and other cities in the Georgia, but also in Ohio, Arizona, Florida and even in Texas, a republican stronghold: in Florida, Trump’s second homeland, a state that was easily conquered by the real estate developer in 2016, now polls are showing Biden, while two million citizens have already filed their ballots: more than half are Democrats while it seems that the Republicans do not reach 30 percent.

15 October 2020 (change October 15, 2020 | 14:14)