USA: A father, married to his daughter, kills her and their child


A drama as complex as sordid took place Thursday, April 12 in the United States. The police in Knightdale, New York, first found the lifeless body of Benett Pladl, a 7-month-old baby. No one else was in the house, says CBS . The child was born of the incestuous union of Steven Pladl, 45, with his own daughter, Katie , she is 20 years old. The case caused a stir when the father and his daughter were incarcerated for incest early in 2018 before being released pending trial. Adopted young by a family living in another state, Katie Pladl had found her biological family and was fell in love with his own father .

Married since July 20, the father and his daughter had given birth to little Benett. But the relationship in the couple seemed to be falling apart and Katie had decided to leave her husband and father. A decision that the latter would not have accepted.

After killing their child, Steven Pladl allegedly killed his wife and his adoptive father , 56 years old. He would then have died, several hundred kilometers from their home, where Benett had been found a few minutes earlier. The investigation must clarify the circumstances of this family drama and confirm or deny the guilt of Steven Pladl in the triple murder.

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