USA: A man killed by the explosion of his electronic cigarette


A man was killed by the explosion of his electronic cigarette in Florida earlier this month. According to the autopsy report, revealed this week, two shards lodged in his skull and his bedroom caught fire, reports the local newspaper Tampa Bay Times .

His body burned 80%

The 38-year-old man was found by firefighters at his St. Petersburg home on the west coast of Florida. The explosion of his electronic cigarette caused a fire in his room and the body of the thirties was burned to 80%.

According to Tampa Bay Times , the fragments of the cigarette found were the brand Smok-E Mountain whose manufacturer is based in the Philippines. According to the report taken by the newspaper, the device was of type “mechanical mod”, lacking certain security functions.

195 accidents related to electronic cigarettes

“A ‘mechanical mod’ is unregulated and works by simply bringing the power of the battery to the inhaler,” said American Vaccine Association President Gregory Conley. “If the battery of a ‘mechanical mod’ discharges too much and the device does not contain enough air to allow the battery to cool, there is a risk of explosion,” he said. .

Between 2009 and 2016, 195 fires or explosions related to electronic cigarettes were reported in the United States without causing any casualties, says Fema, the Federal Emergency Agency.


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