USA: “America first!” Reports Biden

The US will not share stockpiles of covid vaccines yet. They now want to vaccinate their own populations as a matter of priority. Biden thus continues the policy of his predecessor.

US President Joe Biden has proudly declared in talks with the EU that America is back. The Allies are said to be able to rely on the United States again. Not a word has been said that most European NATO nations are not fulfilling their commitment to release 2% of GDP for their defense budgets. Europeans can only like this until they find out that the US will not let them do anything important anyway. The participation of NATO troops in Afghanistan will again be decided at the White House. He has already announced a “reassessment” of US action and does not intend to withdraw his troops from Afghanistan within the deadline announced by Donald Trump.

According to Biden, cooperation with Russia on the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is also a fundamental mistake, and the USA wants to impose sanctions on companies continuing this German-Russian project. Like Trump, Biden offers liquefied natural gas to Europe. America first ?!


The United States has no plans in the foreseeable future share their stocks of coronavirus vaccines, at least not until most Americans have been vaccinated. The Politico server informed about it. Washington thus responded to the challenges, especially from less developed states. French President Emanuel Macron and the World Health Organization also campaigned for African states.
… However, India has been actively involved in helping less developed countries. It has decided to supply its own vaccine to countries that do not have access to other doses. Other countries, such as Turkey, Argentina or Egypt, turn to China or Russia. Britain has promised to share most of the surplus vaccines.

The vaccination program was launched under Trump, and the only thing Biden appreciated about his predecessor’s policy was the preparation of the vaccines. At the time, the United States promised $ 4 billion to the World Vaccine Alliance. However, the United States will not share the “American” vaccine with the world until the United States has been vaccinated. Like American, I’d say. If it were for Trump, the media would shout that the president is an inhuman who has no sympathy for the world at all. Biden will do the same and the media are vying to explain it “correctly”. Billions of dollars fly here and billions of dollars there, only the vaccine stays “at home.”

I expect Biden to behave similarly to the world all the time. He will speak over and over again (I would say that the verb “chatter” is especially useful for that), but practically nothing will change at all in the US policy towards the world from the time of Trump. And, as the “progressive media” explains, it may be because the Biden administration is “afraid” of criticizing Republicans for not being American enough.

Progressive media then have a completely different “hit”. The test for Biden-Harris’s tandem is to be a reparation law for blacks. It is said to show how much the presidential team will keep its election promises. I almost bet there would be no such law, maybe some “social” program. So, in my opinion, it seems that the aim of the progressive media was, in particular, to get rid of Trump, not his foreign policy, and apparently nothing significant will change in domestic politics either. This will be quite a disappointment for many voters or “correspondent” Democrat voters. But the world wants to be deceived, yes!

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